Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter Returns

It's winter around here....again. The tall snow banks were nearly melted, there were large patches of grass in the front yard....and now it's white again. And a cold stretch is predicted into next week. Temperatures 20 degrees below average. Ugh. The winter that never ends. Woohoo.

Tuesday started out dark and rainy. I had a trip to make to the eye doctor, then the grocery store....otherwise I would have stayed home! Red tulips from the grocery store called my name. They were straight when I put them in the the time I grabbed the camera they had headed south. Can't blame them.

It was raining pretty hard and was really windy by Tuesday evening. I came out of the gym after our volleyball match to be slapped in the face by sleet. The rain was freezing and the roads were slick. I'm thankful that I have 4-wheel drive...but even with that I was sliding around all the way home.

By morning the ground was covered in white once again. It was blowing and snowy all morning. I was too unmotivated to find something to take a picture of, so I took one of my office window with the white stuff outside. I'm ready for spring, not more snow.

To top off the cold snowy day there was another letter from the IRS, they want more information from us. What? I really had thought we were done. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why dig so deep for a "random" audit? I need to remind myself to be grateful that we don't have anything to hide. I can't imagine how scary this would be if we had things to cover up. I just really don't like to have someone digging into our personal business like this. It makes me cranky.

But that was yesterday. Today is a new day. The tulips have decided to stand tall and so will I. A few red tulips, a hot cup of coffee and a Cinnamon raisin bagel to start the day. Life is good!

The IRS and this unending winter aren't going to ruin my day. I've got stuff to do!

Enjoy your day.

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