Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I do believe that with this post I will be pretty much caught up. Oh Happy Day. Last week I thought that I was done with buying plants for the yard, then I went and bought some more. And there are a few that I haven't planted yet, but I will. And then maybe I'll be done. Maybe.

Billy and I went to his end of the year baseball banquet last week. They brought in a catered Chinese buffet. The food was good, the program was long! 3 hours long. But so nice to hear the coach say such nice things about Billy. One of the things that he mentioned was his perseverance in making the team after having been cut last year. He also said that a team couldn't have enough players with Billy's attitude and work ethic. So good to hear him recognized for his hard work. I'm a proud momma.

We've had quite a few rainy days, last week too. This is a picture of wet, white petunia's on the gray / white sky.

We had errands to run, so we brought the boys with us and ate at a restaurant that they hadn't been to before. Authentic Mexican food. It's a quaint little place that I've always enjoyed, it was nice to see that they liked it too.

We usually spend the whole Memorial weekend at the cabin, but we've got too many projects to finish up before the graduation party, so we spent Saturday working on projects. One of them was assembling this table and chair set.

Bright red for the red and white graduation party. I like it! Eric and Molly did too.

We drove to the cabin late Saturday night. Sunday after church we went to the park to take Brian's senior pictures. We had formal ones taken, but he wanted me to take his casual shots. It was very cloudy, threatening to rain, but we got some in...and I like how they turned out. I'll post my favorites tomorrow. But I especially like this one, the last one that we took for the day.

When did my little boy grow up? He'll be off to college in a few short months. I'm not sure that I'm ready for that.

Memorial Day. I woke up to a thunderstorm in the early morning hours. The cabin is tucked in the woods, it was dark....almost dark as night when we got up. I could have stayed in bed for a few more hours, but we wanted to get to the cemetery for the service. The wind picked up, we went anyway. There was a really big crowd, sort of a surprise with the weather. They finished the service and then the tornado warning siren went off. Yikes. We went into town and watched the weather forecast...while it rained and rained.

It's been that sort of spring. We were glad that they got the service done in between storms. It's always numbing to hear the list of all the servicemen that have died....the older I get the more names I recognize. Family, parents of friends and schoolmates. It's important to honor them, I'm glad that I could be there.

And I'm glad to be here again. Thanks for stopping by.

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