Thursday, March 17, 2011

Behind Us

Our stinking "random" tax audit is thankfully behind us. What a horrible feeling. It's like the feeling you get when you are followed by a police car. You know that you haven't intentionally done anything wrong, but feel like they are just waiting for you to slip up. We were told that the audit was random, done for data collecting purposes to see how tax forms can be done in a better way. I'm skeptical about that, but what do I know.

Our meeting was 3 hours of going over paperwork in a hot conference room. We weren't offered water, coffee, a chance to use the bathroom. The IRS man was pretty much a doofus...trying to crack jokes that weren't funny but we had to laugh. Comparing the income he and his wife make to ours....seriously? I bit my tongue. He said that his wife was a dentist. The two people that no one really wants to see...a dentist and an IRS guy. I bet they get invited to a lot of parties. Or not. Enough said about that. It turns out there was an error on our taxes...they owe us a little bit of money. Not enough to pay for the therapy that we need after preparing for it and for sitting through it, but it's better than having to pay. And I am grateful.

But mostly relieved. And hopefully we'll never have to go through that again. The end.

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