Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Over Flowing

Gratitude is so important....and focusing on all that there is to be grateful for can change everything in your life. When you focus on the good, the not so good things take a back seat. Simple, but true. Works with photographs too. See, I focused on the flowers and now you can't even see the finger prints on the refrigerator behind them. Heck, you can hardly see the refrigerator!

I had a pair of purple finches at my feeder last week. They haven't been there all winter, they must just be passing through. I'm glad that they stopped though. Sorry my camera wasn't ready for their visit!

I needed to take a little trip to the country on Friday. The horses were past due for their farrier appointment. Two are mine, two are boarders, all are looking for food when ever anyone approaches the gate. The ugly, muddy part of spring has hit the farm. Green will be a welcome change.

I noticed the big, beautiful moon while I was there, it wasn't quite full. I didn't know at the time that it was a special moon, the next night it was going to look bigger than it has in 18 years because of it's path around the earth. Glad that I snapped the picture when I did, the night it was the biggest was cloudy and the moon couldn't be seen.

It was nice to spend the day and the night at the farm. Good to see mom and good to get 16 hooves trimmed. I'll pay for a pedicure for my horse....but I've never had one for me....and I'm just fine with that!

We celebrated Billy's birthday a couple of days early this year. Eric's folks, my mom, the boys and our friend Bob went out for dinner to celebrate. Then we came to our house for cake and ice cream.

This was Billy's reaction to the trick candles that kept re-lighting. He hadn't noticed that they were different. It's fun to be able to still pull one over on the kid!

My slow to bloom Amaryllis has made up for lost time. 4 big blossoms. It fell over the other day, so now it's propped up and not looking quite as regal as it did at first.
We had thunder and lightening on Saturday night....the snow is slowly melting. A robin landed just outside my window too....signs of spring all around.

Billy had a big day for his birthday. We let him go into school late so he could take his Driver's test. He passed! Two points off for not signaling when he parallel parked. Other than that the instructor told him he was perfect at parking. I told him I don't want to hear about any girls telling him that he's perfect at parking. Darned kid is growing up. After school was baseball try-outs....which last all week. He's going to be one tired boy.

Two teen aged drivers in the house now. Glad that hair color is cheap...the gray is getting more populated. Billy's been getting a lot of the attention around here lately, what with the chicken suit at the hockey tournament, then the birthday and the drivers license....but lots of changes are on the way for Brian with graduation and starting college and all that....and I'm not sure that I'm ready. But the good news is that he is ready, and excited about it.

One of my birds is testing his wings, the other one is getting ready to leave the nest. If I hang on too tight they won't be able to fly...it's tough to be a momma bird sometimes....but it sure is worth every minute.
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