Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello March

March came in like a lamb...does that mean it goes out like a lion?  Where do those sayings come from?  All I know is that it's been a long, cold, and snowy winter.  I also know that little things like grocery store roses brighten my days.

Aren't these beautiful?  $6.99 for 10 roses.  Money well spent I'd say.

One good thing about March is that it means it Boys High School hockey tournament time.  Eden Prairie was in the section championship game last week versus Wayzata to see who would go to the state tournament.  The game was played at Mariucci Arena at the U of M on Wednesday night.  Our boys weren't interested in going, but we we did! 

And I'm glad that we did.  It was a close game...but Eden Prairie won in the 2nd over time...and will be playing in the state tournament next week.  We've gone to the state tournament games for years and years, it's lots of fun and lots of well played hockey....but it's always more fun when our home team is playing.

Back to the roses, they sure are pretty.  I've had a busy few days with work and some projects that I had to get done before the day was up, and with getting the boys where they needed to be....  

...but deadlines are good, they keep me focused and let me move on when they are met.  Sometimes knowing that people are counting on you is the best motivator there is.  Self-imposed deadlines are easier for me to ignore.  No wonder I don't get the things done that I think I should.
The boys were busy last night, so Eric and I had some time to ourselves.  We ran some errands, looked at some things that we will need to be buying soon, and then went out for a late dinner.  I thought it was the perfect evening.

I had found out with a text message that the boys wouldn't be home for I told Brian that his dad and I would be going out then.  His, cute.  Huh?  Are we so old and boring that when we do go out the boys think it's cute?  Darned kids.

Today it's Saturday and we're just hanging around here, catching up on some stuff.  The boys like being at home, I think that says a lot.  Their friends seem to like being here too...and that's nice.

That being said, maybe we are boring and do need to get out more....but that's ok.  I can deal with boring....

...especially if that means hanging out with my guys.   I'll end with wishing you a perfectly boring day spent with the people you love.

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