Monday, March 21, 2011

Hockey Craziness

We've been going to the Minnesota High School Hockey for a lot of years. I wrote about it here and here and here and finally here. Gosh, I used to blog a lot more often! Anywho, March 10-12th was Hockey Tournament time....and anytime you get a bunch of High Schoolers and hockey fans in a building together, it's going to be fun! And loud. And a little bit crazy. First are the school bands. This one is from Edina. The hornets.

Here are some folks in their fan section. Look...a green dude. Wow...that was brave. Apparently there were red dudes just like him for another team. Yikes.

This fan section was from Duluth East. They were holding up signs that said "The love is on for Rachel". Their classmate Rachel is battling cancer. Gotta hand it to the kids for supporting her.

You can see a lot of strange things at the Hockey Tournament. Just look at those blonds in the horn section. Goldie locks!

There was a tutu spotted in the Edina fan section....

...and a hornet....which makes sense since their school nickname is the Hornets.

Sometimes you see things that don't make much 3 gorillas and a banana. Well, it makes sense that the banana is with the gorillas...but why are the gorillas there??

The kids are loud, the bands are loud, it's a lot of noisy fun! The Duluth East kids also had signs that said "We Believe". Then they would jump up and down and chant "I believe we will win" over and over.

Then the Goldie locks played their horns. Isn't it little boy blue that is supposed to blow his horn? Oh...never mind.

Only two of the teams had cheerleaders with them. The Hounds from Duluth East. One of their cheerleaders was a real dog. Oh wait, it really is a dog. A grey hound. Heh, heh.

The cute girls don't seem to want to play with the dog. Poor dog.

The other team that had cheerleaders was our schools team...the Eden Prairie Eagles. And look...they can even skate! Crazy that the only school with cheerleaders had the same school colors and happened to be cheering for the teams that made it to the championship game. The cheerleaders do make a difference after all!

Our school also brought it's mascot...the Eagle. Hello Eagle.

Oh dear, the eagle and the grey hound are duking it out before the game. Anything for the cameras.
There was a lot to see in the stands. They were giving away paper hockey helmets, they were everywhere. Don't these two look cute?

Where's Waldo? Wait, what? Really...I think I saw Waldo!

Oh dear...what in the world is that? It looks like a giant chicken! A giant chicken giving some innocent kid the stink eye. I'd be scared!

Look...a close up of the chicken. He was cheering for the Eden Prairie Eagles...just like us!

See his claw....Eagles are # 1.

Chicken...take off your mask, show your face, who are you? What? It's our very own Billy? Hey chicken little, how did that happen? A dare? If you got 30 "likes" on facebook you said you'd wear a chicken suit? 46 likes later and we have a 6"3" chicken accompanying us to the hockey game.

We were very proud parents...can't you tell? A friend of mine said, "and they're afraid that we'll embarrass them!" Actually, he wouldn't let me come up to the student section to take his picture. That would be too embarrassing. Really? You are a giant chicken, your mom taking your picture would be more embarrassing than that? Sigh.

It all made for a fun game. A friend emailed me this picture during the game of Billy the chicken on TV clucking on his team.

Oh, and then there was that hockey game that was going on. Our team was ranked #1. The other team wanted to prove that they weren't. We were down by one, then tied, then down by one, then tied....and tied.....and tied....and tied. The Eagles won in the 3rd overtime with an amazing goal....what a game!

State Champions for the 2nd time in 3 years. Pretty special for the players....and the fans!

And it was pretty special for this guy in the chicken suit too. What a fun night. Billy was on TV 5 or 6 times that night. He got a hug from the real mascot, the eagle.

But he said one of the best parts of the whole night was doing the chicken dance with a little boy in the stands...he said he was the cutest kid ever. I think I might disagree with that, I think my chicken boy is pretty darned cute himself. Happy 16th Birthday Billy. You keep us guessing, and we love it! Cluck Cluck!

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