Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching Up ~ Part Two

I may have mentioned that we got a little snow last week.  The wind blew and it drifted an hung over the eaves of our 3 season porch.  It's still hanging in there, crazy.

Part of the reason I've been behind in blogging is that a few more jobs have been coming in, I never know from day to day how much there will be, so it's a little hard to plan...but busy is good and I'm not complaining!

The Gerbera daisies have been hanging in there are are still looking pretty good...a nice surprise.

It's been cold and with all that white outside I needed something to warm up with on the inside...a perfect day to make home made chicken noodle soup.  Yum.  Simple pleasures.

My friend Kris and I ventured over to the Como Park Conservatory last week to take some more flower pictures.  We both enjoyed the 80+ degrees in the greenhouse.  Their spring show was on display...star gazer lilies as far as the eye could see.

We spent some time in the zoo too.  A nice break in the day.  I'll miss playing hooky with her when she finds a job.

The daffodils are blooming in my pot of bulbs.  There are some hyacinth blooming too...fragrant!

Winter is getting long, we've been staying home more evenings just because it's nicer to be home than to be out and about in the cold.  I like it.

Here's another blossom from my Watch 'em grow pot.  Is it a type of scilla?  I'm too lazy to look it up.  Just being honest.

I know I just said that I was grateful for staying home, I'm also grateful that we got to go out as a family too.  Neither of the boys are dating at the moment, so we get to enjoy their company a little more often.  I think we enjoy it more than they do, but that's ok too.

 Eric and I took a quick trip to the country on Sunday to see our folks and check on the horses.  All is well there, and that's always reassuring.  This is Tisha...she's fluffy.

And last but not least....for the last day of February and for catching up....a last shot of the Gerbera daisies.  They have lasted for a couple of weeks....amazing.

 February has seemed like a very long month.  Hello March....I hope you treat us better.  We don't need anymore snow, just sunshine and melty days.

 The first day of the month always feels like a new beginning.  Flip that calendar, out with the old, in with the new.  Fresh starts, it's going to be good.  Spring is bound to find us eventually.

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