Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marching On

I have to say, life has been a little overwhelming for me lately and blogging has taken a back seat.  5 or 6 weeks ago Eric and I both got letters from the IRS saying that we were randomly chosen for a tax audit.  It took weeks for the guy to call us back to make an appointment with him.  Tomorrow is the big day.  I will feel a whole lot better when this is all behind us.  We haven't done anything wrong that we know of, but it feels like we are being accused of something....and I don't like it.  Hopefully it will all be behind us after tomorrow.  Onto my daily pictures and some things to be thankful for.

My grand-niece Avery had her first birthday on March 6th....and we got to go to her party.  What a little sweety pie.  I think her favorite gift was this tunnel...she was chasing her cousins in and out.

What a blessing to have a little one in the family again.  It's only been 16 years since the last baby...that would be Billy and he's not so little any more!
I usually go into Mondays with great expectations of starting the week with getting some things done.  I usually don't get as much done as I hope too.  

But this was a Monday where I actually checked a few things of my list.  And then added a few more things to the list.  Maybe I should start a new list instead of adding on, that way I could feel like I'm done once and a while.

I have an amaryllis that has taken a really long time to sprout...but look at it now.  It's getting ready to flower and to welcome spring.  Me too.  :-)

On Tuesday we went to a meeting regarding the college that Brian will be going to.  He's getting really excited about it....and that is really nice to see.  Thinking about him leaving home is a little bit hard for this old mom.

It's still wintry here....see all that snow!  The days have been warmer but there is a lot left to melt.  I'm eager for spring, so is Penny.  She doesn't know what to do with herself.  She wants in, she wants out, she wants in....and she has been following me around the house wherever I go.  To be honest, it's starting to get on my nerves.  I took this picture through the screened window.  She's outside, but she's staring at the door wondering if I'm coming out or not.  Sigh.  We need it to be spring.
I needed a new swimsuit for spring break, I ordered one on-line. I like shopping for swimsuits about as much as I like IRS audits.  It came in a day, it fits, I'm done...the end.

On Thursday the High School Hockey tournament started.  We went to the afternoon games, it was a lot of fun.  The bummer was that our school's team was playing in the evening session.  We had volleyball so had to miss it.  Billy texted us updates.  The home team won.
One of the perks of working from home is that my schedule is flexible and I can take off to do things like watch hockey games.  Trouble is, we are thinking that it's my home business that flagged us to get audited.  Sigh.

Since our home team won on Thursday night, so they played again on Friday...and we did get to see that game.  I'll do a post about the hockey tournament in the next few days.   This picture is of the team rallying around the goalie before the game. 

The win on Friday night put our Eagles in the championship game on Saturday.   How fun is that?

Brian's not into sports...he didn't go to any of the games.  He used part of the weekend to catch up on his sleep.  Molly had joined him for her 3rd or 4th nap of the day.  I thought that they looked pretty cute.
The rest of us went to the hockey game.  What a nail biter.  The Eden Prairie Eagle won the championship in the 3rd overtime.  Talk about exciting.

Billy ended up being on TV quite a bit during the game.  I'll explain why when I do the hockey post.  If we're facebook friends you'll know why.  It's something about a big chicken.

We had planned on visiting our folks on Sunday, but with the daylight savings time switch, this stupid audit that we've had to prepare for, and from being tired after all the hockey excitement we decided to stick around here.
I made a quick run to Kohl's and was pleasantly surprised with some fantastic deals on summer clothes for me.  Summer is coming, I know it is.

My amaryllis is getting closer to budding....a few more days and it will be glorious.  The days are feeling more spring like...
...and the forecast is looking warmer every day.

In honor of spring I bought some bright yellow tulips at the grocery store.  Where would I be without my grocery store bouquets?
I hope that you treat yourself to touches of beauty when ever you can.  You deserve it!

And on that note, I'm heading for bed...and hopefully not tossing and turning with nasty audit thoughts running through my head.   I will sleep better once this is behind us, that's for sure!  Thanks for stopping by.

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