Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up Again~Part One

The worst part about getting so far behind with blogging is feeling like you have to catch up before you can move on.  So...time to catch up so I can move on...part one.  Pictures and gratitude going all the way back to Valentines day.  Valentines day...a day to focus on the heart, so I did.  This is the Willow Tree "Angel of the Heart" statue.  Simple and sweet.

Valentines day can be a depressing day for those that are alone...and I am grateful that I'm not alone, that I'm loved and have a family to love.  Life is good.

Gerbera daisies in an antique Ball jar.  One of my favorite things...especially when it's wintery outside.

Gratitude from a Tuesday...I am on a new women's volleyball team, we're competitive, the team is fun, what a treat...and a fun way to spend some time on a Tuesday.

Gerberas again...different lighting, different room.  What a cheery sight to see when you come into the room.

Wednesday afternoon...a late afternoon text or two and all of a sudden 5 of us ladies are meeting at the American Legion to play BINGO. Woohoo...the excitement never ends around here.  Seriously, it was fun to get out and hang around with friends for a few hours...even if I didn't win.

I have a friend that was layed off from her job a few weeks ago.  Bummer for her, but in between her job searching we've been able to get together and have some fun.  She loves taking pictures as much as I do.  The local Arboratum was having an Orchid we went.

Taking pictures of Orchids and enjoying lunch with a friend on a very foggy day...what a treat.

My watch 'em grow pot has been growing like crazy.  Is this a miniature iris?  Whatever it is, it was the first to bloom.  There is hope for spring.

Eric and I had a fun date going to the Eden Prairie High School girls section finals hockey game against Edina last week.  Edina was ranked #1 in the state, E.P. #2.  Edina won and went on to play in the state tournament.  Girls hockey has really come a long way in the last 15 years or so.

Saturday we spent the day with our folks.  My niece and her baby, Avery, were there too.  Little Avery just keeps getting cuter by the minute.  Happy, busy and expressive.  What a fun day.

I took lots of pictures that day, Avery looks a little sad in this one, but she wasn't, she was just thinking and checking things out.

They were predicting snow for that weekend, so we decided that it would be best to be at home before it hit.  That ended up being a very wise decision...Eden Prairie was in the center of the storm getting 19" of snow.  Just what we needed after a week of finally warmer temperatures.

The boys probably would have had a snow day if they weren't already off for Presidents day.  That's ok.  It was nice not having to go anywhere.

Piles of snow outside, daffodils blooming inside.  I think I'll stay in as long as I can.

After the snow came some more cold days.  It feels like this winter will never end.  The bulbs help.

I hope that you have something that brings hope for better and warmer days ahead!  Catching up part two will be on it's way tomorrow.  Promise.

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