Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Selgaes Dance

A few weeks ago I did a post about Billy getting an invitation to the Sadie Hawkins type dance at his school....the dance is called Selgaes.  Here is the link to that post.

Well...Saturday was the big day.  The boys have the easy job of getting ready....their mom's make sure that their clothes are ironed and free from cat and dog hair.  All black Billy, really?  Then it's time for the tie.  Billy took great pride in being able to tie his own tie. 

He did a great job!  Where did my little boy go?  There was a group of 3 couples that were going to the dance together....meeting at one of the girls homes so the parents could take pictures and then the kids were going to have dinner....that the girls had prepared.  It smelled good!
But first the pictures.  Billy's date had broken her wrist the weekend before the dance...poor thing.  She was able to get a cast that matched her dress though, so all was good!  Pinning on the boutonniere.
Billy looked a little nervous.  It was ok though...no one was stuck....or clobbered by the cast.   :-)
I would have been nervous with all of those parents looking on snapping pictures.  Sheesh.  It was like the paparazzi was there....and I was one of them!
Then it was time for the corsage.  Billy had hoped it would fit over the cast...but it didn't.

The happy couple....whew....the hard part is over!  Aren't they cute??
The boutonniere needed a little fixing.  It had to be just right!
Billy said the flowers in the corsage were loose....that's not good.  $40.00 for a corsage with loose flowers?  We may have to do our own next time.
Here are the boys.  Billy, Luke and Will.  Don't they look uncomfortably cute?

And the girls.  They are probably realizing that the boys have no clue what-so-ever about how much time and effort it took for them to look so beautiful.  Some things are timeless.

The flowers.  Hmmm....maybe orchids were the way to go.  Such pretty flowers!
The group.  Probably wishing that the parents would just put the cameras away and let them have their evening.
Just a couple more....smile...look here...look at one of the many cameras....don't blink....
They did all right I'd say.  What a good looking bunch.

Then it was time for dinner and for the parents to let them be.  How fun it was to be able to share as much of the night as we did!  I couldn't help but smile as we left....after noticing that the first course of their meal was a nice salad.  Billy has always politely said  "no way" I mean "no thank you" to salad.

How is it that a young pretty girl can get my son to try things that he would never try at home?  Ummm....don't answer that.  I'll just enjoy the thought that there is hope for his limited food palate after all!

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