Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling Better

I tend to take my good health for granted...until I get sick! I woke up Monday morning with a headache and a bad feeling in my throat. Icky cough, fever, laryngitis and that feeling of "I don't have time to be sick!" Well, I did have time. My kids are pretty self-sufficient, I work from home and can work in my pajamas if I want to....and I wanted to.

By Tuesday evening I was feeling good enough to play volleyball, tired out easy, but that's ok. I really didn't want to miss the first night of a new season with a new team that I'm managing! We only won one of three....but have the potential to win a lot more....and isn't potential the most important thing? Because without potential to improve there wouldn't be much hope....and we are hopeful.
Tuesday was my brothers birthday. We had a nice chat that evening....something we don't do often enough. I'm not much of a caller. Something else to work on.

I've been dieting. We have a fun trip coming up, a friend of my started a team for the Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenge and I joined...and it just plain was time. I started out pretty good, stuck to the plan, exercised more, saw some good results....then came last weekend. I was somewhat careful, the biggest slips were my mom's chocolate chip cookies and tortilla chips and my 7 layer dip on Super Bowl Sunday....and I gained 3.5 lbs. What? Talk about discouraging. Then I came down with the crud and haven't had the energy to exercise. But I'm feeling better now, I'm determined again. Irritated enough to get this done.

I did some cleaning, washed the sheets....both count as exercise on the Biggest Loser Challenge. Who would have guessed? I think I'll clean my way thinner today.

Have you noticed the flower pictures on my blog? I sort of like flowers. This is a gerbera daisy. So yesterday, when a job came in to create a banner from a photograph of daisies I smiled and thought that it was just what I needed.

When ever I do a job I always worry a little bit that the client won't like it. Not that my clients are tough, just that I'm tough on myself. I sent it off, and the email came back saying "I love it so much I want it in 3 colors to put in our catalog." Yea! It was just what I needed to hear this week. Here's the design, I took the actual town name off since it's still in process. I did one on green, blue and red. I liked the green one best.

So, a shaky start to the week, but it's ending well. The week of below zero temps are on their way's 0 degrees as I type this and it's only going to go up. 30 today, 35 tomorrow...up to 40 above on Tuesday. It's improving...there's hope!

I'm off to vacuum away a few calories. Have a Happy Weekend!

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