Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rodeo Part Two

Back to the rodeo!  They like to make the rodeo a family event.  They get the kids in training by having a mutton busting contest.  Kids, little ones, riding sheep.  It's crazy.  Hang on little buddy!

They usually fall off pretty quick, and it isn't too far to fall....but those crazy sheep run and leap and the little cowboys usually take a tumble when they fall.
But they get up, dust themselves off....

...and they give the wrangler five and are happy they are ok.

There was a little cowgirl doing the mutton busting too.  She gave it a good try.  Isn't she cute in her pink hat?  And how about the little dude in his chaps??
I think that this little gal has learned that the way to a boys heart is to enjoy gettin' in there and getting dirt on your tiny little jeans.  Look at that little flirt...and then there's the typical boy looking past her thinking about something else.  It starts so young.  :-)
After the mutton busting the real cowgirls come out to ride fast and hard in the barrel racing.  Oh look...a paint!

A wild eyed paint.  These horses have some fire in them.
A little kick and off to the next barrel.  It's fun, it's's something I would have loved to do back in the day.
I remembered this gal from last year.  She had bad posture, still does...don't slouch's time to ride!
And ride she did.

This horse was showing me his dentures...hee hee.
The horses fly, did I mention that?
The cowgirls pucker up and make smooching noises at their horses to speed them up.
See...smooch smooch.  That's a fancy cowgirl shirt!

Smooch smooch....fancy necklace...I like it!  Nothing wrong with looking good while you're riding fast.  They're fun to watch, it was over way too fast.
After the barrel racing they had a little light hearted dog show.  10 dogs of every mixed breed you can imagine.
They jumped through hoops, some slow and low....
Some fast and high.  Old dogs, young dogs....

...energetic dogs, sleepy dogs.

Dogs that rolled barrels....dogs that crawled through rolling barrels.
The one thing that the dogs all had in common was that they were all adopted from shelters.

This one hopped and walked on his back legs...while smiling.

The dogs have one other thing in common.  They are all very loved and they love that clown right back.  Just look at those adoring blue eyes watching his every move.  That was the best part.
Ok...back to the rodeo...time for the grand finale....the bull riding.
The bulls are strong and have one thing on their mind...get out of that cute and get rid of that fly on their back.  Things move pretty fast when the gates open!
This one jumped and then spun...doesn't look good for the cowboy....
...and that's that.
Some riders wear helmets, some don't.
I know cowboy hats look cooler....
...but sometimes when their heads meet up with the hard head of the bull....
...a helmet seems like a good idea.  Ouch.  Knocked goofy with a mad bull ready to teach you a lesson for trying to ride him.

That where the clowns step in and distract the bull until the cowboy can get out of the arena.  Look at these two working together.  I don't think I'd want their job.
Bull riding is messy.  There's dirt, there's manure.....and there is bull slobber.  Ewww.
This one had great slobbering technique....he spun it in a complete circle.  I think he was making a ring to buck the cowboy into.  Yuck...I wouldn't want to land in that!
The bulls won for the most part at this rodeo...until this guy came out.  Charlie Barker with his purple shirt.
Bucking and kicking...nice technique!
Good posture!  :-)

Hanging in there for the full 8 second ride....

...and then he stuck the landing.  Woohoo.

And it was all over before we knew it.  The winners of the barrel racing and the saddle bronc riding came out.
The over all winner came out, thanked the crowd....
...and tipped his hat.  The World's Toughest Cowboys.  They are tough, that's for sure.
They end the show by letting the broncs out to run around the arena.  They like to stretch their legs, and there is something that feels very freeing watching them run.

Great seats, a good show, no injuries, a handsome date and free running horses to finish the night.  It doesn't get much better than that!

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