Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Bits

This post is just little bits of pictures and little bits of gratitude from late last week and over the weekend. Starting with pink tulips. Tulips in the sun. This bunch is a little strange, I think that they got a little bit too cold on the way home. Instead of wilting, the petals are getting thinner if that makes sense....they were still looking ok here.

Thursday I roasted a chicken....lemon rind, butter, garlic and basil rubbed into the skin...then half a lemon and more garlic inside the chicken cavity....and then enjoy the smells coming from the oven. Unless of course your boys spilled cheese in the oven when making a frozen pizza....not that things like that happen around here!

Eric and I had a date to the Rodeo on Friday night. He got us some up close and personal seats...and they let us bring the camera in. I'll share more pictures tomorrow...but these two are my favorites. During the fire and smoke of the introductions...I love the silhouettes.

And I liked this one of a rare graceful dismount from a bull....I think I just like the purple. :-)

On Saturday we took a trip to the farm to check on things and to go out for supper with my mom and Eric's folks. It was about 30 degrees that day and the horses were enjoying the break from the cold. This is one of the boarders....Tish. She's a sweet old Arabian...delicate and gentle compared to my big brutes.

I think that they are as ready for spring as we are.

Sunday was the Super Bowl and a chance to spend sometime with friends. Friends that we've known for a long time...the best kind of comfortable friends where everyone can just be who they really are. The kind of friends that bring yummy food....sloppy joes, white chili, mini hamburgers, and chips and dip. I brought a 7 layer dip...but it really had 8 layers since I added guacamole too. Yum. It looks so good to start, then it gets soupy as it sits a while....

....not good for left overs....which is better for my butt anyways. Just being honest.

After a couple of warmer days, today has been chilly! 6 degrees with 10 below wind chills during the day. Ugh. But the wonderful thing was that the sun was shining and it looked so nice outside. The sun was warm enough to melt a little ice on the roof....drip....drip... you see the drop? Cold days predicted for the rest of the week. I really hope that this is the end of it. There is a lot of melting that has to happen before drop at a time won't get us there.

More rodeo pictures tomorrow. If horses and cowboys can't warm a person up, I don't know what can! :-)

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