Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Flew Away

I've been away from my blog because I've been away from home. Again. My second flight in less than a month, that is pretty much unheard of for me...but I'm not complaining! In honor of Eric's up coming important birthday, he and I took a little trip. We packed a suitcase and headed to the airport on Saturday morning.

Airports are an interesting place. They seem to be a place of tears. Tears of joy for reunions, tears of sadness for goodbyes. And a place of ambivalence for the bored business travelers. I like flying, I like sitting by the window. I love seeing the world from the sky. Simple this bridge...isn't it cool?

We left this brown frozen tundra and flew west....

....west over open spaces, west over big hills....

...west over mountains. I always wish that I had looked at an atlas before my flight to see where we might be....I always forget.

I think it would be cool to have a GPS with to see exactly where we are. My phone has one, but I had to shut off my phone. So many rules. Aren't the colors wonderful from up above?

The window in the airplane was yucky dirty on the flight out. I had wished that I had a wet wipe or something with the clean it off. I made a mental note to remember to do that for the flight home...think I remembered? Nope. Oh well. I liked how the sun reflected off of these red cliffs.

A lot of brown...but not nearly as frozen looking as at home. Where oh where could we be?

Maybe this big lake will give you a hint. This big lake that seems to be really low on water.

There isn't much for vegetation here either. Sort of dry and deserty. Not a word, but you know what I mean.

Oh's a city....any guesses yet?

This clue won't's just that I spotted some horses as we were getting close to landing. It's got to be a good place if there are horses there doesn't it??

We landed and were treated to the view of the city right there from the tarmac. Do you recognize it yet? The big lake was Lake Mead.

Welcome to Las Vegas baby! Where else do people go to celebrate a rather important birthday??

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