Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Few More Pictures.

The year is quickly winding down. The leap from 2009 to 2010 seems like a bigger one than normal. Sort of like in High School when 1980 sounds so much further away than 1979. Not just a change of year, but a change of decade. Does that mean we should have bigger plans laid out for the coming years? Longer range plans? Hmm. Better resolutions maybe.

Here are the last few pictures of the day. I only have two more to take. I probably should make them good ones. Better start thinking of something now. :-) This one is of one of my reindeer candle holders with the Christmas tree lights behind it.

This is a different candle holder with the Christmas tree lights behind it. See what I mean that I better start thinking about something to take a picture of??

Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus in my Nativity set.
At church a few weeks ago some kids were up in front for the children's sermon. The pastor asked them to identify some of the characters in the Nativity set. When asked about Mary and Joseph the little boy said, "Is that Adam and Eve?" So cute. Could have been. Why else would they call it Christmas "Eve"?
Better run, got things to do...gotta decide if I'm doing the 365 picture thing again. Gotta figure out some resolutions for the next year, and for the next decade. Gotta see if the Wii fit still works. Maybe a nap would be better. Too much to think about.

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