Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birthday Boy

December 13th was Eric's birthday. I'm a few days late with his birthday tribute....sorry Eric! December babies have to compete with Christmas preparations...not an easy thing. On to Eric.

Eric is celebrating his 50th birthday this year, that can be a tough one. He is handling it gracefully, like he handles everything that is thrown his way. Eric was born on a Sunday afternoon at 3:35 pm. The Packers just lost to the Bears. He was born at a time where dad's weren't allowed in the delivery room, so Bill was watching football while Barb labored. I'm glad that times have changed that idea! This picture is of Eric at 3 months old. So cute.

Eric was the first grandchild on his mom's side. You can feel the love from his aunts in this picture. Eric's mom and dad, Barb and Bill are the two with the glasses, aunt Dorothy is holding Eric's arm while aunt Peg smiles in the background.

I've heard that Eric was a happy, easy going baby. His personality hasn't changed. How cute is he taking a dish tub bath?

I don't have the dates of his portraits handy...but I think he was about 2 years old in this picture.

Playing in the snow in Bloomington with his baby brother Chris.

This old picture is sort of blurred, but it's one of my favorites. Eric on a sled...push me daddy!

Eric was 4 when his little sister Amy was born. I can't imagine anyone being a better big brother than Eric was.

Cute little freckled red head....

...the only thing that shines through stronger than those freckles is the twinkle and kindness in his eyes. It's still there.

A Vikings fan from the start.

Opie, is that you?

Christmas in Taylors Falls....a hockey goal! It wouldn't be nice of me to mention the unusual clothing color combination that only a 13 year old boy would come up with, would it. :-)

Happy 18th birthday...blowing out candles with Dan on the left and Tim on the right.

Ice fishing up north somewhere. Is that your catch or your bait?

An usher at his cousins wedding in the late 70's. Weren't tuxedos in the late 70's amazing??

High school graduation photo in 1978. Handsome, even with the big collar and the velour suit.

Eric played soccer at Hamline University for all 4 years that he was there. Pretty amazing feat considering that High School soccer didn't' exist in our little home town so he hadn't played on a school team before.

In the late 1970's and early 80's he organized a soccer league for the neighboring small towns in the area. I think it was called the Tri-County soccer league. Here he is with his foster brother Dan after winning the league trophy.

Eric and I were engaged in 1980 and married in 1982.

In 1986 we went to Klamath Falls, Oregon for his brother Chris' wedding. It's been hard for Eric to have his brother and sister living so far away.

In 1992 Brian was born and Eric entered the new role of father. Loving, patient, kind...the boys are lucky to call him dad. This picture was taken on Eric's 33rd birthday.

In 1995 Billy was born, another son to love.

Eric's 36th birthday in 1995. Our parents have traditionally come to visit us for Eric's birthday.

Eric has been by my side for all of our important family events. How lucky am I? This was at my niece Stephanie's wedding in 2004. He keeps getting more handsome.

Through the years Eric has coached the boys in soccer and baseball and basketball. When he isn't their coach he's always on the sidelines supporting them.

There are many more pictures that could be shared, and there isn't enough blog space to say all of the wonderful things that I could and should say...but I will say this. I am more grateful each and every day for the man that I married.

He is kind, gentle, strong, patient, handsome, a great dad, funny, reliable, smart, competitive, athletic, and even with all of that he's humble. Happy Birthday Eric....and don't worry about getting older dear, you just keep getting better.

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