Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Number One Son - part 2

I suppose that I ought to say that what I mean by our "number one son" is that Brian is our first born....not most loved, not most favored....first. We love our boys matter what. The funny thing about being a parent is how the love that you feel isn't divided between your children, it simply grows to include them all. Here are the rest of the pictures in honor of Brian's 17th birthday.

Brian had some pretty cool and daring tricks that he would do on the swings. He was about 12 here. Isn't he cute?? :-)

Hiking down to the river in the's always fun to watch the ice breaking up. Spring 2004.

We cut our own Christmas trees for a few years at the farm. The boys are holding a saw that belonged to my great grandpa. It cut through the trees like butter. Christmas 2004.

In his snow fort - winter 2005.

Driving the 4-wheeler at the farm. Summer 2006.

At the air show in Oshkosh...he and Grandpa Bill went and camped out. Special trip for both of them! Summer 2007.

Brian playing guitar....he started out on Bass guitar, switched to electric and finally switched to's so fun to hear him play. November 2007.

Practicing his driving on the farm....much better place to learn than on the city streets!

Goofing around with his grandpa Pete and his dad, doing Chuck Norris impersonations and drinking wild beer. Early 2008.

Catching up with Grandpa Pete at one of Billy's baseball games. Summer 2008

More guitar, Brian played "Amazing Grace" as his grandpa's was so touching. His mama was very proud.

Soccer...Summer 2009. Brian had played when he was little, and then decided that he really wasn't that into it. When he got into High School the recreational soccer teams became co-ed....he decided that maybe he was interested in it after all. Something about it being more fun having girls around. Sigh.

Last Spring Brian decided to join the Civil Air Patrol...or CAP. He has enjoyed having other people to talk to about planes. I think he looks too grown up in his uniform. Sigh.

Driving himself to soccer. How did that happen?

Our cute little boy has grown into a handsome young man. He's smart, he's funny, he's polite and he's compassionate...just to name a few.

A belated Happy 17th Birthday to you Brian. You can slow down with the growing up thing now....

...because even though you make us prouder everyday....I'm not ready for it!

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