Monday, December 16, 2013

40 photos in 4 days - Day One

It's been over a month, my poor little blog keeps getting put at the end of the things to do list.  Now, it's the crazy hustle and bustle Christmas season, I have a ton of other things that I should be doing.  Instead of all of those other things on my list, I think I'll catch up with my blog.  Don't worry, not all in one day.  10 pictures at a time.  Here we one.

This is Greta, she is growing fast.  She also has grown into her crazy teen aged almost a cat years.  She has made getting ready for Christmas a little more interesting this year!

A finch above the bird feeder.  Back when things were still green and we hadn't entered the deep freeze yet.

Greta would love to be outside a lot...we've only let her out a few times under close watch.  She sure looks like a jungle cat here!  She isn't as set on going outside now that we have snow and below zero temps!

Purple finch at the feeder.

I got a new bird feeder that attaches to my office window.  It didn't take the chickdees very long to find it.  It also didn't take Greta very long to find it.  She doesn't bang her head on the window quite as much as she had...but it's still funny when she does!

Sometimes I treat myself to Stargazer lilies from the grocery store.  They are almost too fragrant.  Almost.

Rudolph and Clarisse are the newest additions in my Christmas Village.  This was long before the Village was set the enjoying the view from the top of a hill in the village.  So cute.

I never get tired of taking pictures of the moon.  Maybe I'm part werewolf.  Probably not.

Billy's old team at the Semi Finals of the State Tournament.  It just isn't the same without him playing.

 But he's playing volleyball now on a club team in college...and we took a quick trip to Iowa to watch him play.  I love that he's playing a sport that I enjoy so much.  And so fun to watch him smiling while he's playing.  Life moves on, things change...but in a lot of ways they stay the same.

And that's a profound as I'm going to get on this cold winter day!  Thanks for stopping by.  More photos tomorrow...promise!

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