Tuesday, December 17, 2013

40 Photos in 4 Days - Day Two

Just quick captions from these photos from November.

Greta is admiring the new bird feeding station that is right outside my kitchen window.  The window washer needs to be fired....but I guess they have to show up before you fire them!  Me. Can I fire myself?

The chickadee seems to like the new digs!

The squirrels are checking it out too.

Flowers on my table taken with my cell phone camera because it was less complicated than finding my real camera and taking a photo.  Pathetic.  My excuse is that the amount of daylight is so short this time of the year!

Same roses, different day, my real camera.  I like this one a little better.  :-)

My first born turned 21 in November...how in the heck did that happen.  I told him he was making it tough for me to claim that I am 29 now.  Well that and the fact that I am old.  Oh well.  He got a really cool new guitar for his birthday.  I think he's pleased!

A little crafty thing that I did for Thanksgiving...a little sweet treat for each place setting.

We took a family picture for my birthday.  Two attempts, everyone had their eyes open on both of them.  Win!  Wonder why I forgot to put the border around this one?  Senior moment no doubt.

Another little thing I made for Thanksgiving.  No wonder I wasn't getting my housework done!  Turkey cake pops.

An in-between decoration....works for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.  Outside on my front step.  The gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas is smaller this year.

Oh boy, another reason to be behind in things.  I get more done under pressure anyway.  Speaking of pressure...time to hit the mall to make another dent on my Christmas list.  Thanks for stopping by!

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