Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Catch Up

Just a quick catch up with lots of pictures.  I won't talk much.  I caught some sort of bug and it makes it hard to talk.  Not hard to type, I just don't have a lot to say.  And no, I'm not on medication...why do you ask?  Never mind.  Here we go with the photos.

Halloween bouquet with some weird black spidery things.  I like it for Halloween...other wise not so much.

Billy took the bus home from college for his first visit back.  He hadn't met Greta so I brought her in the car to meet him...she snuggled right into his neck and started purring.  I'd say they hit it off.  And it was nice to have him home!

Greta crawls into this basket all on her own.  I set it next to a fall arrangement just for fun.  She's a funny kitten.

Quick photo of the boys before Billy headed back to school.  The visit was too short!  Can't wait until Thanksgiving when I get to have him here for a whole week!

A couple of perennials have survived the cold, cold nights.

Brian likes Greta a little bit too.

I had to put her in a pumpkin.  It's required when you have a black cat on Halloween.

Happy Halloween!  Eric and I spent the evening playing volleyball.  Not too crazy about the new athletic director in town.  Who schedules games on Halloween?  Glad Brian was here to pass out candy.

Fall leaves...the trees are hanging onto their leaves late into the season this year.  It's ok by me...I like Autumn!

Brian's costume for a post Halloween party.  He can squint like Clint!

More fall color.

Some sort of finch or pine siskin I think.  Cute whatever she is!

They predicted snow.  They were right.  I wasn't ready.

The predicted it would all melt today.  They were wrong.  I was ready for it to melt.  We had our last snow of the season on May 4th and now the first snow of the season on November 5th.  Sorry...but that is way too soon!

My first cold of the season along with the first snow...somehow I think they're related and I don't like either of them very much.  I hope that neither of them hang around very long.  Time for me to find some hot chocolate and a blanket.  Stay warm, stay well.  Thanks for stopping by!

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