Thursday, December 19, 2013

40 Photos in 4 Days - Day Four

We're just zipping along into mere days before Christmas.  Yikes!  Short and sweet again today.

A fun wreath that I got for my front door at a Horse Crazy sale.  I added the bow, berries, ornaments and bells.  I like it a lot!

The Christmas village is up!  Rudolph and Clarisse have a spot on the hill over looking the village.

The paper whites are blooming.  They grew and bloomed crazy fast!  The are very fragrant, almost too strong, but so fun to have watched them grow.

One of the ponies in my horse ornament stable.

And another.

Paper whites again.

We had a birthday party at our house for Eric and Dawn...they share a birthday so we get to share the day!  It's always good incentive for me to get the darned decorating done!

I used some old goblets that had belonged to my grandma for the center piece flowers.  Simple but pretty.

And then a quick trip to the country on a -10 below day.  I think Czar is as tired of the cold as the rest of us. He likes to bask in the sun when it's out though.  Being a dark brown horse has it's perks.

A Christmas decoration that I made when I was a teenager.  Plastic bits carefully placed in the framework, then melted in the oven.  I had crinkled tin foil to set it on to give it a rustic look.  So simple, but fun to pull it out every year.

And with that we're caught up with the forty.  But since it took 5 days I'm still behind. That's how it goes around here.  Hope things are smoother in your neck of the woods!  Thanks for stopping by!

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