Wednesday, December 18, 2013

40 Photos in 4 Days - Day Three

I'm on schedule today!  We'll be into the December pictures before you know it!

A nuthatch on a tree in my yard.  How do they cling to everything?  And then turn upside down.  Too cute.

Thanksgiving day.  Billy and Greta relaxing after the big feast.  I think they like each other.

The day after Thanksgiving. Pilgrams on my table.  Always a day of rest for me.  I'm not a hit the mall for the sales kind of gal.  I'm a savor Thanksgiving as long as possible and think about Christmas later kind of gal.

A quick trip to the country on a Saturday.  These boys were enjoying their hay.  No time for petting, only time for eating.  We did a final mowing of my mom's front yard that week later the snow and cold had moved in for good.  What a difference a week makes.

Beautiful giant star off of the highway on our way back from bringing Billy to college.  Not a bad shot for being taking from the car going 70 mph!  Happy December!

Paper whites about a week and a half after I planted them.  Growing fast!  The amarylis is taking it's sweet time.  I spelled amarylis right on my first attempt's all about the little victories!

Some of the sunflowers from Thanksgiving...still pretty.

And then the snow came.  Brian out trying to catch Greta who got outside to see what all this white stuff is!

Gold finch probably thinking he should have flown South.

Christmas decorations on my fireplace mantle.  A few things go up every day.  The trick is keeping Greta from pulling them down before the next thing goes up.

And that's all for the day!  Thanks for stopping by. I hope that your presents are all purchased and wrapped and under your tree!  It's not happening that way here.

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