Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flashback Friday

It's flashback Friday...on a Saturday.  Good intentions, too little time.  We are flashing back to August 2004. In 2004 we had more time to go to the cabin.  The boys lives weren't jam packed with activities and friends that they "had" to spend time with.  Here's Brian pointing out some sort of slimy critter in the river bank.

In August of 2004 we took a short camping trip near Duluth.  We camped at Jay Cooke State Park.  The boys were a big help in setting up the campsite.  "Hurry up and give me a stake Billy, I am hot, hungry and tired."  I don't remember Brian saying that, but it's all in the body language!

Billy staking down a corner...

Brian staking down a corner...Eric and I staked down our own corner too.  Gotta keep things fair you know.

Building the fire so we can eat.

It's serious business making S'mores for dessert.

The evening campfire.  I wonder where everyone was hiding?  I wonder why I didn't know anything about camera settings back then?

Breakfast at the campsite.  Fruit Loops, milk and juice....

...unless you are Billy....then it is S'mores.

 On the walking bridge at Jay Cooke State Park.  We heard that this bridge was washed away in the floods this summer.  What a shame.

Enjoying the river.

The boys drove us up a tree.  Not really.  I think Brian took this one of Eric and I.

A stop at Gooseberry Falls.  It's sort of hard to remember being taller than the boys.

The Conquerors!

We had a quick stop in Duluth.  You have to skip stones into Lake Superior you know.

Brian on the shore of Lake Superior.

Billy, Eric and Brian on the shores of Lake Superior.  What a fun trip.  Where has that time gone?

Thanks for coming along on my little flashback Friday...on a Saturday.  I hope you are spending your summer making memories.
Until next time...

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