Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Catch Up

 It's been a busy month.  Time to catch up.  I did just post a bunch of these photos on facebook today, so if saw them there you might as well just skip this post and check back next time.  :-)  Lots of photos, here we go.

July 4th fireworks at Round Lake...experimenting with camera settings.  Undecided about the results so far.

Rodeo in Hamel.  Tough lighting for photos, but a fun night anyway!  Bareback rider.

It was a hot, humid July in Minnesota.  The day lilies didn't seem to mind.

Baseball playoffs.  Billy's team won their way into the state tournament.

Baseball on a hot summer of my favorite things.

Backyard flowers.///red Gerbera daisy.


A peaceful day off.

First game at the state tournament.  Billy hit the green ball for a double for one at bat...not this one. :-)

Storms came in, sirens went off, the game was postponed with an inning plus one out left.

Billy led off...hit a long ball to the warning track for an out.  So close.  His last at bat of the season.

His team ended up 3rd in state, not half bad.

My tomatoes are liking the warm days. Yum.

One of the few perennials that the rabbits haven't eaten.

Ladies golf league...a fun way to spend a Tuesday evening.

Flowers in my dining room.

Eric playing softball.

Feisty cat.

Purple Bell flower at my mom's farm.

Golfing with Eric.

One of my day lilies.

Back lit Gerbera daisies.

Brian and Penny sharing a laugh.

Billy punting at football already.

I'll rest when I'm old....wait...oh, never mind.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.  Thanks for stopping by!

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