Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Some Photos

I think I'll be getting away from the notes of gratitude in my posts, it added just enough extra work for me to not get around to posting as often as I liked. I might start again someday, but for now it's just going to be my daily photos.

A sunset, after a full day of rain, at my friend Kris' house. We were there for a BBQ to celebrate her birthday and because BBQ's are fun. It was.

The hot and humid days have brought the day lilies out in full force. Unfortunately it's been so hot and humid that I don't really want to go outside to enjoy them. I've been grateful for air conditioning! But when I step outside with the camera, everything fogs up and by the time the steam is gone I'm sweating like crazy. What an odd summer.

Eric and I toughed out the heat and humidity to go and watch the Twins play. Even though it was super hot, I still say that baseball is meant to be played outdoors. What a beautiful stadium....even with just a cell phone photo. And we won. Woot!

Everyone should have a couple of cherubs in their back yard, don't you think?

The bee balm is fading fast, but I sure loved the pink blossoms surrounding my bird bath.

A late in the day picture of some day lilies. I liked the dappled light.

Purple cone flowers every it!

Billy played in his last summer baseball tournament on July 22nd and 23rd. He was supposed to be in a van on his way to Lame Deer, Montana for a mission trip on the 22nd...but they were staying an extra day in Rapid City, SD so I suggested that he play on Friday and Saturday and that we meet up with the mission trip kids on Sunday morning before they left for their final leg of the trip. I'm glad that he had a chance to play, he played well and even hit his 2nd home run of the season!

We didn't know how the tournament would turn out, but thought that they would probably be finished playing on Saturday morning. Well, they won Friday, lost Saturday afternoon, and then played again at 7:00 pm Saturday night. Yikes.

That meant that we left for Rapid City at 11:00 p.m. Saturday night...and had to travel the almost 600 miles in 11 hours. We drove all night, slept for an hour at a rest stop, ate breakfast at Wall Drug and arrived at the meeting spot on time at 10:00 a.m. It was a long night. Hearing the kids squeal at Billy's arrival made it worth it though.

Eric needed to be back at work on Monday morning, so after a quick loop through the badlands, we headed back home. 1200 miles in 24 hours and 15 minutes. Brutal. Talk about going the extra mile for your kids.

Sleeping at home in our own bed sure felt nice though!

Cone flowers and day lilies, easy perennials are the best. Thistles must be an easy perennial, because I'm good at growing those too. Errrr.

There are a lot of butterflies this summer, they must like the hot humid days.

Cone flowers in the evening light, because it was too hot during the day to wander out there.

Purple cone flower with white cone flowers, and a little bee.

When Billy got home from his mission trip we loaded up the van and headed to Wisconsin Dells. Some family time before Brian heads off to college.

We did the typical Wisconsin Dells stuff....water parks, roller coasters, go carts, ducks, Tommy
Bartlet water skiing show and mini golf. I didn't want to bring the camera to the water park, but I did bring it when we went mini golfing.....and took a picture of the flowers. Well, I took some of mini golfing too, but this one was my favorite of the day. So that's what I'm posting.

The cliffs in the Dells are beautiful. I took this from our ride in the amphibious Duck boat.

We got to the Dells late Saturday evening, spent Sunday and part of Monday at Mt. Olympus amusement park (water park and roller coasters and go carts) since it was a part of the motel where we stayed. On Tuesday we took a tour up the lost canyon in a horse pulled wagon. A beautiful spot but with the changing light it was hard to photograph!

After the lost canyon ride we stopped at the Goodie Goodie Gum drops store for some candy and then headed for home. It's good to be home. It's not good to have so much laundry to do though. I think I'll go and spend some time outside with my cone flowers instead. Look, an orangy one in amongst the purple. Somehow it all works.

Speaking of work, I had better get back to it. I hope you are enjoying a warm and busy summer! Thanks for stopping by.

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