Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Golf Weekend

Last weekend a group of gals that I know piled in our cars and vans and headed out of town for a girls golf weekend. Our first destination was the Bellwood Oaks golf course in Hastings. It was 9 holes, played in the rain, as a warm-up for golfing 18 holes in the afternoon!

From golfing at Bellwood Oaks we went to a Vineyard for wine tasting and lunch. I'm not a big wine connoisseur, but it was fun to have a little taste of all the wines they made there.

These grapes were hanging from a beautiful, shady arbor that is attached to winery, this is where we ate our lunch.

We had a dining companion, this sweet dog....she was taking a drink from her fancy wine holder / ice bucket. I thought it was funny.

One of the gals brought a feast of breads, meats, cheeses and grapes for us for lunch to eat with the wines that we were tasting. I felt very sophisticated....until I tried the goat cheese. Ewww! I think that it is an acquired taste that I haven't acquired yet. I'm sure it was very good...and no offense to the gal that brought just sort of tasted like a combination of soap and goat poop to me. More bread please!

Anyway, here is part of our gang. Me, Amanda, Sarah, Kris, Michelle and Jen. Sue and Lynn passed on the vineyard...and Michelle's daughter Marie joined us for supper later in the day. I play volleyball with some of the gals, I play softball with the other gals....we are all friends with Jen who instigated the whole thing.

It was fun to hang out with everyone away from the sports that we are usually playing together.
Here are some grapes out in the vineyard.

After the vineyard we rushed south to The Jewel golf course in Lake City. Something about traveling with a bunch of women made us running late most of the time. The Jewel was a pretty course....pretty rough. This is some of the rough that Sarah landed in. It was tall.

Some holes were long and tree lined. Here is Kris hitting a long drive.

The trouble with the long rough was that it ate golf balls. Here the girls are trying to find one of those tiny little things. We spent a lot of time looking for balls that day.

The holes were beautiful though. Here is Jen teeing off somewhere on the back nine. We played a twilight round, it was cheaper but getting darkish at the end.

After our round we met in Redwing for supper. It was late and dark by the time we left the restaurant to make our way to the house that we rented. The house was big and very nice. I think it had 5 bedrooms and with pull-outs etc. it could sleep up to 27 people. We only had 9, so no one had to share a bed....nice!
In the morning I wandered out onto the deck to find that we were surrounded by corn fields...what a fun surprise.

Peace and quiet..... spoke to my country girl heart.

I was in charge of breakfast for the I couldn't spend much time enjoying the view....and we had a tee-time at Mississippi National at 9:30 a.m. A few other gals joined us there. One was Morgan. We were playing in a tournament that day, we started on hole 15. A couple of holes later we were treated to this sight! It's hard to see in the picture, but we were on top of a tall hill....the hole was about 128 yards away....and probably that far below us. Yikes. This is Kris, Morgan and Sarah. I play softball with Kris and Sarah...and volleyball with Morgan.

The Mississippi National course was challenging. I had a few really good holes....but more bad ones. Golf can be a frustrating game.

There were a lot of hills, and some scary cart paths to get to the holes....but the scenery was nice. This wouldn't be a good hole to hit it long on.

I worked some photoshop magic so we could all be in a picture together.

After the tournament Morgan headed home, some of the die hard golfers headed to another course for 18 more holes....and Sarah, Kris and I hit the road to see the sights. This is Sarah and Kris overlooking lake Pepin from the Wisconsin side.

There were some quaint little towns and shops along the way...but most of them closed at 5:00 on Saturday evenings. Huh? Don't they want tourist business? It's ok, it saved me some money! This rusty iron fence surrounded a yard in one of the little towns.

We got back to the rental house in time to see the sunset....

....a sunset over the of my favorite things! The three of us enjoyed a good soak in the hot tub. No pictures of that! The hot tub was just the thing to ease sore golfing muscles!

Sunday morning we packed up our stuff and headed out to yet another round of golf. I golfed 63 holes in 3 days, some of the gals golfed 81....yikes. Here's the gang in front of the house....
Sue, Jen, Lynn, Michelle, Me
Sarah, Kris, Amanda and Marie.
The last course that we played was the Emerald Greens course in Hastings. Wide open, pretty flat, and we played scramble style...some people call it best ball. It was much more relaxed, and I thought it was more fun.
Here are Lynn, Sue, Jen and Sarah on the bridge to the island hole.

Same gals closer so you can see them.

And here are Amanda and Kris on the same bridge.

Nine women sharing a house, playing golf, sharing some laughs, getting away from it all for 3 days....and no cat fights, not one.

If that isn't considered a success, I don't know what is! FORE!

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