Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Got to Move

For the last few years I've selected a "word of the year" to guide or inspire me through out the year.  Common words are believe, nest, organize, create, change, inspire, etc.  Last year my word was "accomplish".  It worked for a while, I made up a booklet to make to do lists each day.  It worked pretty well for a few months, and then old habits and just living my life got in the way.  The list keeping was good, I think I will start that up again!  

Anyway, on to this year.  This year my word is "move".  Not as in moving to a new home, but just plain move.  Move on ideas, move on plans, move forward, move as in exercise.  Folk singer Greg Brown did a song years ago that I'm calling my theme song.  I couldn't find his version of it on Youtube, but while I was looking for it I found out that the song was actually written by Mississippi Fred McDowell in the early 60's.  Here is his version of it.

You got to move
You got to move
You got to move, child
You got to move
But when the Lord
Gets ready
You got to move

Greg Brown's version is a little faster, a little softer and the words slightly different, but you get the idea.  How many times have there been things you'd like to do, but you just aren't ready?  This year I'm focusing on moving to make sure that I am ready when those wonderful things come my way.

You may be high
You may be low
You may be rich, child
You may be po'
But when the Lord gets ready
You've got to move

So far I've been inspired.  I'm moving more as in exercising.  I've been watching what I eat.  Did you know that diet and exercise actually works?  Who knew?  I decided that I would buy myself flowers each time I lose 5 lbs.  Oh me!  I've got a ways to go...but my vases are ready.  You got to move.

There are other areas where I'm working to move ahead too...but I'll save those to share on a different day. For now, here's one of the flowers in my bouquet.  They haven't opened up yet, they are just starting to get ready to move.  Sort of like me!

Here's the same photo with some text and texture added.  A move in the right direction I'd say.

Have you picked a word to focus on for the year?  It's not too late...and it can really change your focus.

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