Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Missing Pictures

I had tried to add pictures to my last post and they disappeared.  I meant to add them the next day and then I disappeared.  Funny how that happens.  So here they are, photos from the end of the year and from the beginning of the year.
Greens and decorations on my front step.  We are having a strange, warm and almost snow free winter here.

We celebrated a belated Christmas with my niece and her family.  This is Eric with our great niece...sweet little Avery.  So much fun that there is a little one in the family again....and a cutie to boot!

One of my rocking horse ornaments.  The tree is on it's way out, so the ornament photos will come to an end with this post...promise.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with our friend Bob.  Steak fondue and baked potatoes.  Then a few games  followed by Rockford File reruns.  A good way to end the year.

A bonus picture from New Year's snowed!  Heavy, wet snow coming down fast and furious.  It messed up some plans, but sure was pretty!  With highs in the 40's this week it won't last very long.  I'm starting to believe that global warming is for real.

I decided to practice some more with my 50mm lens.  I like how it lets in so much more light.  Molly on the other hand doesn't really appreciate the light, or me taking her picture when she is trying to nap.  The life of a cat is pretty rough around here.

The last ornament picture until December.  This horse reminds me of my horse Skylar.  Partly because it's a paint, but mostly because it's giving that "what do you want? do you have food?" look.

This is my New Year's bouquet.  It's fading fast.

When I put out my Christmas decorations, I put my regular things in the decoration boxes.  So when the decorations are put away the regular things come back out.  This vase is one of my regular things...and since I had it in hand it seemed like a good idea to take a picture of it.

Good bye Christmas hello regular things.  It feels good to be getting back into a routine again.  Thanks for stopping by!

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