Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Photos

Catching up with photos.  I'm having second thoughts about doing a photo a day for 2012.  After a few years of doing it, it's gotten harder and harder to try and figure out something remotely interesting to take a photo of.  Maybe that alone is reason to keep going...it will be more of a challenge than ever.  So, please forgive me for boring shots as we get through a nearly snow free January.  Hopefully February will bring something more interesting.
Here are a few shots from earlier this month.  The moon rising over the river near Wabasha when we were taking Brian back to college.  There was a full moon when we picked him up in December...and a full moon another time when we brought him there.  Sort of strange.  I loved the colors as the sun was setting and the moon was rising.

Our old dog Penny.  She always gets a little depressed for the first few days that Brian is gone.  She perks up again when she gets used to the new routine...and patiently waits until he comes home again.

The weather has been mild, then cold, then mild again. We are supposed to be having our first below zero temperatures of the winter this week...breaking a record for the latest below zero temp in the year.  Mild and very little snow.  I buy tulips to remind me that Spring is coming...eventually.  Because even though it has been mild, it's still winter.

Springy tulips on day 2.

There is one squirrel that has perfected the eating birdseed routine.  He or she opens up the top of the feeder and crawls right in.  Cute, but they sure eat a lot of the sunflower seeds in a hurry!

One of the things that I get tired of during our Minnesota winters is the lack of color around us.  A white cement planter on tan grass with a little bit of snow.  Yawn.  Where have all the flowers gone?

Even my vase is empty right now.  Time for some more flowers I'd say.

Billy has been playing basketball for the first time in 4 years or so.  His games are fun to watch, but taking pictures in the gym are a whole new challenge.  Challenges are good though...it keeps me learning.

During the weekend Billy wanted a quick lunch, he wasn't super hungry but needed something...so we cut a frozen pizza in half and baked that for him.  I'm only mentioning it because it reminded me of when he was in afternoon kindergarten and I would fix him half a little frozen pizza for lunch.  He's not so little anymore.  All that reminiscing reminded me of some of the Willow Tree sculptures that I have.  This one is called Quietly.  It takes me right back to those days when the boys were little and both loved to snuggle up to me.  So sweet.

And while I have that photo up, I'll share a different version of it.  I signed up for an online class that is meant to inspire my creativity though the year.  As a precursor to the class I've been taking a mini Photoshop class to learn a little bit more about working with layers and adding texture to photographs.  I practiced some of the techniques on my photo...I like it.  I think that the class will be a good Photoshop refresher as well as some motivation to explore new things.    I'll share some of the results as I go.

And last but not least, my old photograph stand by...Molly.  Sleeping in Billy's room.  Not amused to be awoken.  I love the sunlight and the crazy colors in his room.  With my 50 mm lens and a shallow depth of field it's harder to tell that the bed isn't made and that there are clothes on the floor.  And now that I am thinking of that...

...my expression is matching the cat's.  Not amused.  Why can't he pick up his clothes?  The more things change, the more things stay the same.  Thanks for stopping by.

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