Saturday, January 7, 2012

Under the Weather

I've been fighting a cold or something for the last few days.  Nothing much, just weird things that come and go, sneezing and sniffling one minute, then it goes away.  I did pop outside for a minute or two to take a picture of my dried up cone flowers.  I even got an angle that show our tiny bit of snow in the background.

 Anyway, back to me.  :-)  What ever it is that I am battling is mostly making tired.  I could take a nap at anytime during the day tired.   Not dog tired, but cat tired.  And Molly is tired a lot.

I can usually find her in Billy's room sleeping on the unmade bed.  And then I wake her up...sort of... up!

Then I get the look.  The leave me the heck alone look.  OK...I get the message.  I'm tired too.

 Time for me to take a nap....and leave the cat alone.  Doesn't she look relieved?

 Yawn.  Till next time!

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