Thursday, January 19, 2012


After taking a few years off from playing, Billy has decided to play hoops this year.  He's playing in-house basketball in a league through the High School.  This league is made up of boys from just the junior class.  There are 10 teams with 9 or so players each.  That's a lot of junior boys!  It seems like a fun league, they call it "Swag" ball.  It looks like Billy is getting his swag on here.

I played basketball in 7th grade...maybe 8th grade too.  I don't remember, I try to block that from my mind.  I can say that I didn't enjoy it.  Girls playing basketball can be nasty.  Long, claw like finger nails...shudder.  I was one of the taller ones and had to play center.  All that means is that I would put my hands up to get a rebound and promptly get elbowed in the chest.  Sharp elbows.  Shudder again.  We won't even get into all the running.  Back and forth.  Billy doesn't seem to mind though.  There he goes... he comes back again.  Back and forth, back and forth.

 Taking basketball pictures is a challenge for me.  Bad lighting, lots of moving, I focus and then the kid jumps right out of my shot...

...or the ball gets in the way.  Oops.

And then there's all that pushing and shoving and trying to get the ball away from each other.  Hey boy, don't you be grabbing my Billy!

 Running, jumping...

blocking, rebounding, dribbling...


 jumping again.

Off of the couch, playing the game.

The coaches (dads) are encouraging....not sure what the exchange between the coach and Billy was here, but it looks interesting.  There are mesh curtains between the courts, you can see the other games scoreboard, but the one for our game is behind the bleachers.

It makes it hard to know what the score is.  And being such a huge basketball fan that I'm not...I'm never quite sure what's going on.  What's the score?  Wasn't that a foul?  Can they do that?  Poor Eric. I do know that this boy is about to shoot a free throw because someone was grabbing him or something.

And I know that my boy is getting ready to rebound a different free throw, in case if the shooter misses.

 And I know that he's gotten to be pretty good at helps to be 6'4"...but there are quite a few tall kids in the league.  How did these little boys get so tall?

For all the things that I don't know about the game, I do know this...seeing the smiles and fun shared during and after the games is the very best part.

Well that and the getting off the couch when it's -10 degrees outside is good too.  Winter has officially arrived here.  I hope it's warm where you are!  Thanks for stopping by!

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