Monday, February 6, 2012

Catching Up

Who's in charge of this blog anyway?  How'd it get to be February?  Why can't I get all the things done that I want to in my days?  So many questions.  I don't like getting so far behind.  Catching up is a chore.  But here we go.  My pictures from January 19th.  Oye.

Lilies.  I love, love, love having fresh flowers in my house.

 I bought two bundles and combined them into one bouquet.  The one above was a really fragrant star gazer type lily.  The one below opened up beautifully, but wasn't as fragrant.  Still pretty though.

We took a quick trip to the farm to visit with my mom.  Her feeders are always full of birds.  This is a little chickadee on a cloudy day.

My mom has a huge variety of birds, but she rarely sees a cardinal there.  We get a lot of them in our backyard in the suburbs.  Such a wonderful splash of color to brighten the gray days.  I took this picture of the male cardinal while it was snowing.

The female was perched in the tree the next day, patiently waiting her turn at the feeder.

My lily bouquet, slowly opening up.

 Grocery store tulips, because they remind me that spring will be matter what the ground hog says.

I liked the way the light was shining through the tulips on a rare sunny day.  Our winter weather has been warmer than normal, but the sun likes to hide behind the clouds.

 The lilies, more than a week later.  Worth every penny.

Another trip to the farm.  A sweet little nut hatch.  When we were there the week before a nut hatch had gotten one of it's little feet caught in a slot in my mom's bird feeder.  He tried and tried but couldn't pull himself free.  I put on my gloves and went out to see what I could do.  After much flapping and chirping from the little bird, I finally was able to gently remove his foot from the feeder...and he flew.  I was so relieved that I could help it fly free.  I'm pretending that this is that little bird, that it wasn't injured and is filling the woods with it's song.  A little pretending isn't a bad thing is it?

Billy playing hoops.  His team is in first place, and they are still having fun.  That's what matters the most.

Penny, after her morning roll in the snow.  Our poor old pup is at the veterinarian's office as I type, having a few things checked out.  We are hoping that it is something simple, but should have some answers by the end of the day.

On another note, I signed up for a class to help boost creativity.  One of the assignments was to take 6 pictures so show a typical day.  Three days of my week include volleyball, here's my shoes and volleyball.  Try to hold down your excitement.

I bought myself a bouquet of roses.  Roses to celebrate losing a few pounds.  I'd rather celebrate with cake, but that's part of the reasons that the pounds got there in the first place, so roses it is.

One of the assignments for my class was to shoot a picture into the light.  I'll post some of the things that I've been doing with the pictures on another day.

We went to the rodeo in St. Paul last week.  On our way there I read on the ticket that cameras weren't allowed.  Rats.  I had been saving my photo of the day for the rodeo!  But when we parked to go to dinner, I looked across the road and saw the St. Paul Cathedral light up against the dark blue sky...and decided that  it would do for my photo of the day.  When we got into the rodeo I saw a few people with cameras.  I re-read the ticket back and saw that what it actually said was that camera's may be prohibited.  Oh well.

Saturday must be washing day for the cat.  She interrupted her nap on Billy's bed for a good washing. Probably because I woke her up and rubbed her head.  She had to get that human scent off of her!

My yellow roses aren't opening up very nicely.  They are starting to look like withering buds about now.  Grocery store flowers, you win some, you lose some.  I still like to brighten my home with them.

Well, time for me to get back to work....or at least make my list so I know where to start.  Have a happy day. Thanks for stopping by!

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