Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Summer

It's June, it shouldn't come as a surprise...but oh boy has summer arrived! Almost 90 and humid as I'm typing this, trying not to sweat on the computer. Not complaining, just sweating. In Minnesota everyone always says "it's not the heat, it's the humidity!" There's a reason everyone says it, it's true. Melting.

Tuesday was golf league. Some good shots, some bad shots, but a couple that were good enough to make me want to try again. Half way through my round I realized that I hadn't taken a photo that day. My phone was in the car charging, that wasn't an option. So, when I got home and saw Brian at his computer wearing his new cowboy hat I knew what I'd take my photo of. My crazy toothpick wielding cowboy.

On Wednesday night Eric's folks came down to watch Billy's game and then catch a plane to see their other kids in Oregon. It was a beautiful night for a game. This picture looks like a hit in progress, but in reality Billy had a tough time at the plate that night. That's ok, they still won 18-12.

Eric's folks brought my mom with them. She stayed at our house a couple of nights to help me get things ready for Brian's graduation Open House. There is a lot to get ready. It was nice to have the moral support. After cleaning a while I talked her into shopping with me. Shopping is so much more fun when you're not alone! We got things like new bathroom throw rugs, entry rugs, and some baseball display holders for Billy's room to tackle the stack of balls he's been saving.

After all that shopping I took a few minutes to see the end of Eric's softball game. He still loves the game. Here he is heading for home. They won.

I've been putting off my spring cleaning for a few years it seems. There is a lot of organizing to do, dust to be dusted, windows to be washed. None of my favorite things. My mom was helping me with Billy's room today. Brian's room is next. I think that they are both getting ready for frat house living. Yikes. The best part of having help is the moral support.

I think that I've posted it before, but this Greg Brown song always reminds me of my mom.

You Are A Flower

Your smile makes me smile
I can always see your face
You help me make it through every day
You're with me every place
You left so much here with us
Your love is all around
Your children's children will smile that same smile
and say "oh look what I have found"

You are a flower
shining for a while
You are a flower
What a life, what a woman, what a smile

And I will laugh and I will sing
and I will go on through
To let this love just come on out
that's what I learned from you
Your heart went out to everything
a field of stones, a field of flowers
and when we form that magic ring
we feel your hand in ours

You are a flower
shining for a while
You are a flower
What a life, what a woman, what a smile

Thanks mom, for helping, and for the moral support. It will all get done, having a good start is a big part of the battle!

Hope that the humidity isn't melting you where ever you are.

Thanks for stopping by.

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