Monday, June 6, 2011


There's a lot of fixing that needs to be done around here. Nothing like a graduation party to up the motivation a little bit. Did I say a little bit? Sheesh. We have a 3 season porch. A 3 season porch that has never had a screen door.

Not having a screen door...or actually a storm door, caused a few problems. When we bought the house the lower half of the door frame was a little soft. Saying that it was rotting sounds too bad so we'll go with soft. The snow would pile up on the steps and soak the door frame and rot the wood. Not nice. So, in graduation party repair mode we finally fixed it. We meaning I reminded Eric several times that it needed fixing, we went and picked out a door, he did the repair work and then installed the door. See....we.

Actually he did have some help with parts of helps to have a tall teenager when it comes to putting in a door. He was standing on the middle step in this picture. Hey Billy...thanks for helping! All that food we've been feeding you has paid off! Anything that's out of reach we just call Billy. Better than a step stool any day.

We worked on projects through the day. In the evening we burned some wood that had been trimmed from here and there last year. A beautiful night for a fire. A sliver of a moon. Busy days are good.

Sunday was a beautiful day too. I kept seeing all the fun outdoor things my friends were reporting doing on Facebook. I was varnishing chairs as well as cooking 30 lbs of pork to shred and then freeze to make life a little easier on party day. I will be talking about the party a lot around here, it's sort of taken over our lives. In between softball, golf and watching baseball games. Oh...and that graduation ceremony thing that's coming up at the end of the week.

Somehow, now matter how busy things are, the flowers keep blooming, the grass keeps growing and the days go flying by.

I'm trying to remember to stop and smell the flowers....and then I bend down and see the weeds. Ugh. Better go and take care of that next.

Til next time.

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