Thursday, June 30, 2011

Slowly But Surely

Slowly but surely it's warming up and starting to feel like summer. Sunday morning started out cloudy and cool. By Sunday evening it was feeling warmer...and it's been a little bit warmer every day since.

Billy's team played well on Saturday. His grandparents came down for the final game of the evening. Billy had a great game. He made a nice throw from right field to get a runner out at second....and he hit a home run! His last over the fence home run in baseball was when he was in 5th grade, so it was pretty exciting. Even better since his grandparents were there to see it.

Sunday's games didn't go nearly as well, the team lost big and then lost in the 3rd place game. But Billy kept his head up and played his best....and in the end that's what matters.

Monday was sunny and almost an average temperature. Average felt pretty darned good. The daisies are blooming. A little sunshine can go a long way to improve all sorts of things, especially my mood!

I missed Billy's game so I could play in our co-rec softball game. We won against a team that usually beats us pretty easily. It felt pretty nice. Maybe it was the sunshine that brought our win. What ever it was, I'll take it!

Tuesday was warmer yet. Upper 70's, a few clouds floating by. A perfect day. The roses are blooming like crazy.....and we finally got to golf with no concerns about the weather.

Walking around a golf course, pulling a cart, hitting a ball every now and again, chatting with friends...a perfect eveing. As perfect as it was, I have to admit that I had a pretty big lump in my throat for a couple of holes. The course where we play is out in the country surrrounded by farm land...there was a farmer cutting hay in a field that bordered a couple of the holes that we were playing. A farmer driving an IH tractor, pulling a Heston mower...such a familiar sight, familiar sounds and even smells....made me think about my dad....and miss him so much. He's always close to my heart.

Wednesday was almost hot. The humidity is coming, you could feel it. But it was sunny, and there was a nice breeze, and it was finally a perfect night for baseball.

Perfect except that Billy got hit by a pitch...if he hadn't put his arm up it would have hit him in the head. He was ok, but it made him cranky. Cranky enough that he hit a triple his next at bat. That will teach them to hit my boy. I'll post a baseball re-cap a little later today.

The forecast is calling for hotter and more humid today. Heat warnings in effect. Temperatures in the mid 90's with humidity making it feel like 105. What about a happy medium? What about average? Average is good. But I guess that since the cold days and the warm days all get added together to find that average we just have to roll with it. Roll with it and turn on the air conditioner. And find something cold to drink with ice. And stop complaining.

I hope that the days are perfect wherever you happen to be. Thanks for stopping by!

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