Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liquid Sunshine

Sunshine they said. Warm temps they said. Here we have some cool liquid sunshine. 64 and rainy. Really? What about the upper 70's and sunshine that we were promised for the weekend? How can the forecasts be so wrong all of the time?

Maybe they are just telling us what we want to hear so there isn't a mass exodus south. Or so we don't throw things at the TV. Whatever the reason, they sure got it wrong again. But that's ok, the game goes on. Eric's helping with coaching Billy's team this year. During baseball season, this is about all I see of him....his hand attached to the score book. Sometimes I text him to check on the score if I lose track. He doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes I text him to say that I think he's cute. :-)

Another thing that I see a lot of is the darned fence. I like the fence when balls are flying at me, but it's kind of a pain to take pictures through it all the time. It's not so bad when you can get up close to it, but today I was holding my keep that liquid sunshine off of me...and it was harder to get close. But my boy made a couple of good stretches at first. That's fun to see whether it's through a fence or through the rain drops or whatever.

My favorite thing to see is this boy, playing ball, having fun doing something that he truly loves. I think he's cute too.

They are in a tournament this weekend. They had an easy win last night, today they were down 7 to 1 early in the game, but chipped away, didn't give up and then with 2 boys on, one of Billy's team mates hit a 3 run homer to tie it up. It was the boys first home run ever. Exciting! A couple of more runs, and they ended up winning 9 to 8. Now they just need to win tonight and they'll be playing tomorrow. I hope that they do...
...because tomorrow it's supposed to be 80 and sunny....and I've got to believe that one of these days the forecast will be right! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!

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