Friday, November 12, 2010

Vacation and Gratitude

I haven't dropped my idea for posting my daily gratitude notes, it just got delayed a little bit while I was on vacation. Three of my friends and I went on Girls Weekend 2010 to Anna Maria Island in Florida last week. I decided that I needed a break from the computer, so I didn't bring my laptop. Posting from my cell phone was tedious, especially since phone service was sketchy down I opted to wait until I returned. So, here are my photos of the day and my gratitude notes from the last week.
Birds on the beach at sunset on Bean Point of Anna Maria Island. The day we arrived was cold and windy...but we enjoyed a late lunch / early supper on a restaurant on the beach and then the sunset on Bean Point.

Our second day in Florida was cold and windy too....sunny but only 65 degrees or we drove to Orlando and spent the day at Disney's Epcot. It was fun remember the trips we've made there with the 2000 and again in 2007 I think.

It was crowded because of a wine and food tasting event....and cold...but still nice to spend some time there.

Day 3 warmed up enough to spend some time relaxing at the beach. Anna Maria Island has a beautiful white sand beach that stretches for miles. It has been nearly empty for both trips that we have made there...apparently November isn't a busy season.

Day 4 at Anna Maria was warmer yet. in the morning we took a long walk to the furthest point south on the island. Gorgeous. We saw pelicans diving, sea gulls soaring, an unafraid heron fishing, little birds skittering and even dolphins swimming just off shore. It was nearly as warm in Minnesota that day, but there isn't an ocean gulf there!

We had half a day to enjoy at the island on Tuesday, then it was time to head home. We walked to the pier on the east side of the island and watched the birds. We spent some time in the sun, we saw a sting ray swimming at Bean Point, we had one last meal of sea favorite is shrimp!...and then we headed for the airport for the trip home. Sad to be leaving, but happy at the thought of home. What a blessing to have a wonderful happy home and family to return to.

We got home fairly late, but Brian was still up and happy to see me. The dog was wagging her tail, the cat was snugly and purring, such a nice welcome home. After 4 nights of sleeping on an uncomfortable pull-out sofa my bed never has felt better. First thing in the morning I got up and spent some time with Billy. He was happy to see me too. It's good to be home! The sunrise over the neighbors house wasn't half bad either.

Catching up, reading emails, finishing a couple of jobs, going over pictures to see which ones to post on facebook, talking with my first day back went quickly! It was good to see that the mums were still blooming on my front step...needing water, but still blooming on Veterans day!.

The boys had the day off from school today. They also have a new video I haven't seen much of them today. It's getting colder, the sun hasn't come out today and the weather forecasters are hollering about a big snow storm for the weekend. I think I have jet lag today, or maybe it was just the late double header volleyball game last night, but I have been feeling sleepy all day. So has the cat, but that's normal for her. The cat and dog have both been hanging pretty close to me today, it's sort of cute. I missed them too.

It's good to be home....and it's good to have so much to be grateful for. I wonder what I will be grateful for tomorrow....having a shovel maybe? We'll have to wait and see.

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