Monday, November 15, 2010

Birds and Brian

We took a quick trip to the farm on Sunday. The roads were surprisingly clear after the big snowstorm the day before. We found out that half the town had no electricity. That's not a good thing in the winter time! There were lights at my mom's place though...until just before we were going to eat, then they went out for almost an hour. The good news was that we were spared from watching the Vikings game for a while. The other good news is that I had a chance to get a couple of outside pictures of the snow. Luckily it didn't snow enough to make the roads slippery for our trip home.

On the way to my mom's we stopped to pick something up from my niece....and I got to hold baby Avery. What a treat. I forgot to bring my camera into the house....but the highlight of my day was seeing that busy little peanut. :-)

On another note, with all the snow the poor birds are looking for food! I filled up my mom's feeders and the birds came in before I finished! So brave. Here's a Nuthatch.....

....and a Chickadee.

I feed the birds at my house too. The Juncos are here...some are so dark, some have more brown....but no matter the color they are cute and round.

The juncos stuck around until the queen of the feeder arrived. Hello Mrs. Cardinal. There's enough seed for all, you don't need to get so squawky....jeepers. I think she's let her beauty go to her head. We have at least two pair of Cardinals that come to the feeder...they are fun to watch.

My note of gratitude doesn't have anything to do with the has to do with my boys. We try to eat together as often as we can. Sometimes it's rushed because we have someplace to get to...but it's a priority for us....and I'm glad. We have the best conversations around the table, sometimes serious, sometimes silly...but no matter what they are filled with love.

Full bellys and full hearts...that's a lot to be grateful for!

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