Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good-bye to November

The last day of November, how did that happen? Things get a little busy here the last few weeks of November. Two birthdays and hosting Thanksgiving dinner....and all that entails...keeps me hopping. I initially typed hoping...there's some hope involved too I guess!

My photo of the day for November 21st. Goblets in my hutch...taken at night. Late enough at night that my camera says it was taken early in the morning of November 22nd. I had forgotten to change the time on my camera for the daylight savings time switch. Darn it...what does that do to my photo of the day streak? That will teach me for waiting too long!

It had been a busy and cold and mixed up day...the Lion's Tap burgers that Eric brought home for supper were more appreciated than ever! Yum!

I tried to take my photo of the day earlier on the 22nd. November is full of cloudy, dark, and short days. I took this picture of the beads on my kitchen curtains. When I made the curtains I added the beads to catch the light. I'm glad that I did....especially on the days when there isn't a lot of light!

Buying groceries for Thanksgiving...overwhelming......made so much easier with Eric's help.

We were able to get almost all of our Thanksgiving groceries in one trip...except for the turkey...and the flowers. Both are important! We found them the next day at Byerly's. Instead of arranging my own center piece I bought a pre-done cornucopia...I love it!

I wasn't thrilled with my photo of the day...so I played with it in photoshop a little bit. This is the same picture using the colored pencils filter...I like it!

My cleaning time on Tuesday was taken over by working time....an unexpected job had come in. I'd rather be designing than cleaning anyway! I'll admit...it was a little stressful thinking about what needed to be done.

November 24th...my birthday. What a wonderful day. The boys had the day off from school, Eric took the day off from work, they cleaned, I cooked and cleaned. It was nice to all be home together. My day started off with a candle in a doughnut. It snowed big fluffy flakes all day and my bird feeder was filled with Cardinals! 5 males and 3 females at one time. So fun to see. My day was also filled with birthday greetings on Facebook. I felt so blessed that so many people took the time to say "Happy Birthday". Very cool.

Thanksgiving day. Brian's 18th birthday...oh my...how did that happen? We had a small group of 8, lots of food and time with family....so much to be grateful for. And I am. Here are my little boys with their grandma Barb. Love the smiles.

On Friday, after sleeping in...and not shopping!.... Eric and I drove to Taylors Falls for the lighting festival. It was a cold, but clear night. Santa arrived, Christmas is here. Are you ready? Me neither.

We came home Friday evening so we could prepare for Brian's birthday party the next day. On Saturday night Brian had 7 of his friends over to watch movies, eat pizza and mostly just be boys. Hmmm...it looks like these two are up to no good.....

...awww....they were just messing with me. How much trouble can you get into when you're eating pizza and drinking root beer?

My photo of the day was one of the roses from my birthday bouquet. Yummy yellow roses.

One of the little bouquets that I had on my table for Thanksgiving...to help balance the cornucopia...and I couldn't not do my own flowers to some extent! This was with my 50mm lens. I'm still learning about what it does...but I like it!

Oh...and the Vikings won! Amazing what a new coach can do. :-)

The long Thanksgiving weekend was followed by a dreary, rainy Monday. A perfect day to be inside, do some cleaning and have some homemade Turkey soup. Yum.

And finally today, now that November is winding down, I'm ready to start thinking about decorating for Christmas. Eric hung the lights outside on Sunday...they look so nice...and today I think we'll get our tree. My new ornament is waiting to have a place to hang for the next month.
It's time.

So there's the recap....goodbye November, December is knocking on the door!

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