Saturday, November 13, 2010


We had some snow today. The weatherman predicted it, I didn't really believe it....but they were right, it snowed. A lot. Heavy, wet snow. Mr. Cardinal wasn't happy that the feeder was empty, but I filled them all right after I took a couple of snowy pictures.

We didn't get some of our lawn things put away yet. My angels look sort of cold with all that snow on their heads. I don't think the snow will stay around for very long, the ground hasn't frozen yet, it wasn't very cold today. I'm hoping anyway, so I might have a second chance to bring my lawn stuff indoors.

I knew that we had gotten quite a snowed most of the day....but then they showed the snow totals on the 5:00 pm news....Eden Prairie was at the top of the list with 11"! It's good to be on top...most of the time. We came out of it ok though, some neighbors lost branches from their trees, others lost power, we just got snow. The driveway has been cleared, the snow blower started on the 2nd pull, and we are enjoying a quiet day at home. Life is good. Time to go find my snuggie!

~ give thanks everyday!

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