Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Peanut

Last week we had a pair of visitors. Baby Avery and her mom Stephanie came over. I realized that I didn't even take a picture of Steph....but I was just so distracted about this little peanut! Sorry Steph! Hi little Avery, are you waving at me? I think that you're the cutest little thing I've seen in oh, 15 or 17 years! You are a little peanut, I think your great grandpa Pete would have called you Peanut too. Hi baby, wave at great auntie.

Look at all of your pretty dark hair, and those blue, blue eyes! Can you smile for your auntie?

Peek-a-boo...so happy to see you!

But what was that noise over there? So much to look at. Hmmm...you don't look so sure of him. It's ok, it's just your great uncle Eric.

That's right sweetie, you stick by me, I won't let that big hairy guy scare you. Hang onto my finger tight!

So sweet, so alert....just look at all of this cuteness....

...here...zoom in and crop out the old person....that's so much better!

Your great uncle Eric wants to hold you now. He is a little scary with that red beard.

What do you think of him Avery? Hmmm.....it looks like the jury is still out.....

...either that or you're going to need a diaper change....but that's ok, Eric doesn't mind.

It's ok Peanut, you'll see that he's one of the good guys. That beard sort of scares me sometimes too. :-)

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