Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Dogs

Softball started for the old folks in our family last night. Eric and I are playing on the same Co-Rec softball team on Monday nights. I've been managing the team for a while, I don't particularly like managing, but if I manage the team they have to let me play...so there. I decided (I can, I'm the manager) that we needed new shirts this year...which meant that I got to have some fun coming up with a design. Here it is....Big Dogs Softball.

This is what I thought it would look like on the shirt....except for the colors....I ordered shirts with blue sleeves and blue printing.

Well, the shirts came in time for our first game....and they turned out pretty much like I expected. That's a good thing. $15.00. Not bad for a logo on the front and a number on the back.

We started our season with a double header....twice as many sore muscles today....one loss, one win, new shirts, no injuries. The summer is off to a good start! GO DOGS!

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