Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

Did you know that I have a blog? Yep....but apparently I've forgotten that I have a blog from the looks of it. Did you know that it's almost the middle of April? How did that happen? I guess it's time to catch up. Might as well start with the April pictures of the day.

April 1st - Molly lounging in the open window. The weather has been so nice.

April 2nd. A lava lamp night light in Billy's room. I found it when I was doing some spring cleaning. Part of my reason for not blogging....had to find the floor in Billy's room.

April 3rd - a blue scilla blooming in my mom's yard taken on Easter weekend. Beautiful, delicate little flowers scattered around the yard.

April 4th - Easter morning sky at the farm. The picture didn't quite capture how beautiful the clouds really were.

April 5th - a silly female duck in our front yard. We don't live on a pond. I took the picture through the screen of an upstairs window. Quack.

April 6th - the new rug in our basement. Another reason for not blogging...we've been cleaning and re-organizing the basement. It's about half done, I ran out of steam.

April 7th - Bright blue sky and red buds...spring has sprung. Last week the boys were on spring break, we mostly hung out around here. Another reason that I didn't get much blogging done.

April 8th - we had a very sweet little visitor last week. Baby Avery and my niece Stephanie came and spent part of the afternoon with us. What a treat! She was cute before, she's even cuter now. Such blue eyes! She's going to give her daddy some sleepless nights when she's about 16 and the boys are calling. :-)

April 9th - Molly napping on an unmade bed.

April 10th - Billy was excited to have his trampoline set up after the long winter. How did he get it full of leaves so fast??

April 11th - the bluebirds were busy at the farm on Sunday...such a beautiful bird.

April 12th - a confused chickadee in my back yard....sitting on top of a shepard's hook pole that holds one of the bird feeders.

With that I think we're all caught up. Spring break is done, things should get back to normal....and maybe I won't get so far behind. It feels like I've been busy, but I don't know what I've been doing. When I feel that way I always think of my old neighbor Martha....she would sweetly say...."I sure am busy, but I think it's because I move so slow!" So true.

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