Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Photos

I'm trying to not get so far behind with the daily photos. I think the summer has zapped my energy for regular posts. It's either the summer or just having the boys home that has me zapped. Zapped. I like that word today.

Photos of flowers. I do love flowers. And butterflies. The cone flowers are my favorites right now. They just seem so natural somehow. No fluff, no fuss, just a beautiful addition to the landscape.

Eric and Billy were on a mission trip last week, so Brian and I had the house to ourselves. We decided to redo Brian's room. It's still not done...but we did get it painted. Funny thing is, his room was blue when we moved here, he chose a roasted pecan (orangish tan) color to make it his own. Now he's decided that he wants it blue. I think it's funny. He helped with the edging...fun to spend time working together. I'll do a before and after picture / post when it's done.

Eric and I took some time and went golfing on Saturday. I'm going on a ladies golf weekend on Friday, and hadn't been out yet this year so I figured there was no time like the present. It was a beautiful day, my golf game, not so beautiful. I think I have a date with the driving range tonight. Eric, on the other hand, hits the ball so far I can't see it anymore. We golfed with one of our friends, Kris. She's a good golfer...and patient with my hacking away. Best kind of friend to have. :-)

On Sunday we drove up to visit my mom. We had lunch, we worked her front step where the chipmunks have been digging, we went shopping for more supplies, we met Eric's folks for supper....

...and by the time we got the finishing cement under the step it was evening. We took the long way home to see this.....

...and this. There isn't much that is prettier than a sunset in the country. Except maybe a sunset / sunrise over the ocean, or river, or....well....anywhere. But it was nice. This view was on one side of the car.....

....and the full moon came up on the other side. The sky was so pretty.

The camera can never quite capture how beautiful it really is. Well, maybe the camera can and I can't....anyway....it was a pretty night.

Yesterday, Eric went back to work, our routine at home felt a little bit more normal, and I took a picture of a white cone flower.

I couldn't help it, they are my favorite right now. It's summer, life is good.

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