Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Hot 4th of July!

It's a hot one here, highs expected to reach 101 degrees.  101 degrees and humid.  It's been hot for a few days, and it's supposed to be hot for a few more.  You know that it's hot when the lows hover around 80 degrees.  Sheesh.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  Grab a cool drink and sit back, there's a few weeks of pictures to catch up on!

Our summer has been filled with baseball.  Even on some of the days that Billy hasn't had a game, we've gone to one.  This is Billy at the High School state tournament game.  They ended up losing the game and took 3rd in the tournament.

Billy played in a couple of tournaments in June.  The days were much cooler a few weeks ago.  I liked how the light was hitting him when he was on 2nd base.

Billy usually takes enough of a lead to make the pitchers nervous, but he's on his toes and always gets back in time.  His uniform doesn't stay clean for very long.

We had a few nights off from baseball.  One night I was invited to celebrate a good friends birthday in Stillwater.  The restaurant she picked was right on the river.  I took this picture of a river boat going past with my cell phone.  I like it that my friends are catching up to me in age.  :-)

Later that night we had a storm.  We lost a willow tree in our backyard.  My golf league was cancelled because the course was underwater.  I took a picture of a pot of flowers next to my house.  It all made sense to me!

Eric and I had our 30th wedding anniversary.  That's a big number, makes me feel old...

...but we still have a lot to laugh about, and I think that's the key.

We had a few days with rain.  My roses in the backyard liked it.

Then it stopped raining and Billy had 9 baseball games in 8 days.  That's a lot of baseball, but what a better way to spend summer evenings?

Evenings and weekends.  Somehow we got the mess of the willow tree cleaned up between games.

Billy getting hit by a pitch.  Ouch.  He was ok though...and they won the game.  Things like that hurt worse when you lose.

Batting on a hot day...half the team decided that it would be cooler to just wear their jersey vests.  Yikes.  I thought that they looked undressed.  Another mom thought that they looked like a bunch of rednecks.  They had fun with it though.

Billy has played right field, 3rd base and catcher this summer.  He doesn't care where, he just likes to play.

He's been hitting pretty well, that's fun to see.

I took photos of my converse shoes on the fence for the final eleven games and posted them on facebook.  I'm sure that a lot of people thought I was nuts, but some got a kick out of it....and I had fun with it so what the heck.

And now, the regular season baseball games are done.  And we are stopping to smell the roses.  Or the petunias.  Play-offs start at the end of the week...then they have to win to keep playing.  I hope that the temps cool down before then.

Brian has been pretty patient with us spending so much time at baseball.  It's sure nice to have him home for the summer!

We finally got to spend some time in the country last weekend.  Good thing, I was missing this guy!

The lilies were blooming...they always say "summer" to me!

Penny got to take a dip or two in the river.  She loves it!  She acts like a puppy when she sees that water.

The sunsets are prettier up there.

We stopped on the way home so I could snap a quick picture of this pretty little farm.  So peaceful.

Petunias on my patio.

Cone flowers at the Arboretum.  My poor, rabbit eaten cone flowers aren't quite ready to bloom yet.

And last but not least, the big orange moon rising on a warm, humid evening.

Summer is here, it's the 4th of July.  My grandma would have been 104 years old this year.  She lived in a Country with many blessings.  So do we.  And for that, I am grateful.

 Have a wonderful Independence day!

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