Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Pickets

My main contribution to our fencing project was placing the pickets. See this big pile? That's a lot of pickets.

See all these little labels, they all had to be pulled off. Some I just pulled off, some I had to use a flat screwdriver to pry them off.

We had bought some extras, but used around 400 pickets on our fence.

Sixteen per section spaced 2.5" apart.

The fence looked really long from the end........never ending actually.

It actually was sort of fun. I had a board to put in between the pickets to space them right.

I had a board along the top rail to get the height right.

Line up the board, two screws in the bottom and two screws in the top and then on to the next one.

I could tell early on that my legs would give out, so I found a little step stool and sat on that....

....and then scooted sideways as I went.

Hey...what are you looking could put the camera down and help you know....wait....where have I heard that before?

Eric finished up the side rails while I worked on the pickets.

This end only needed one picket...I liked that! Actually, this is the post where we attached the gate.

Look.....I'm done!!!!

.....or not. I did a few sections before we left for the weekend. Our project had lots of delays...rain, a confirmation and party, a birthday party, Memorial Weekend, life in general.

We did what we could, when we could....and before too long.....

......the pickets were all in place.

I like how they look. And I liked taking pictures of them. So I'll end this post with a pile of picket pictures.

Pictures of pickets.

Tomorrow will be the final fence post....or the final post about the fence. Promise.

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