Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Catch Up Again

Isn't it nice to be done with the fencing project?? I thought so too. I haven't done a post to catch up with my photo-a-day project for a here we go.

Flowers. They seem to be my favorite thing to take pictures of. We've had a lot of cool and rainy days in June....the flowers don't seem to mind.

Favorite photo subject number I love to take pictures of kids playing ball. It's been tough to get games in with all the rain. It's been hard to take pictures in the low light. But I keep trying.

The daisies are huge this year. Not sure if it's the weather or just that they finally are established enough to really bloom. Such a beautiful flower....doesn't it seem odd that they don't smell nice?

I guess it just shows that things don't have to be perfect in every way to be wonderful.

Day Lily. I planted quite a few of them in my new perennial garden. They are planted on a fairly steep slope...I hope that they are as low maintenance as they seem to be.

Back lit roses in the evening in my back yard. They are beautiful, smell wonderful...but have thorny stems....and the aphids like to chew holes in their leaves. Perfect, but not.

I don't remember the name of these roses...I thought that they would be climbers but they don't seem to be...but I like how they are sort of in between a traditional rose and a wild rose....and they are pink. Ahhh.

Another rainy daisy...see what I mean?

Billy playing did he get so tall? Why is the sky never blue?

Wild flowers at the cabin.

A purple cone flower in my new perennial garden. I planted a lot of those too.

Billy at bat....the sun was actually washing out the trees in the background. I think we've passed the cool and rainy bend.

Eric and I went to the Twins game on Wednesday evening. The weather was perfect. Our seats were great. The Twins won. What else is there?

Billy's game was shortened last night because of a storm....but he hit a triple before the rains came. He got in under the tag. I liked how they were staring each other down.

And that's it. Caught up on the photos of the day. Now if I could just catch up on the laundry, the dishes, the sweeping, the cleaning, the weeding, the groceries, the....sigh....I think I'll just stick to picking the daisies. Happy Friday!

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