Friday, June 11, 2010

The Next Step

Still working on the fence. After the posts were set, and after a few rain delays, and after finding out that Eric was required to work overtime for the next month or so....we put the support rails on the fence.

The rails are 8 ft. cedar 2x4's. The posts were set at just under 8' apart, but were adjusted depending on how wide or deep the property lines were. Anyway, what that meant was that each board was individually cut to fit the gap between specific posts.

It took some measuring...some precision cutting....and some thinking to get it just right.

After the boards were cut, Eric pre-drilled them so they wouldn't split when they were screwed onto the post. I was going to say "toe-nailed" to the post but he used screws and I didn't know what that would be called. "toe-screwed" didn't quite sound right. :-)

The screws were put in at an angle on the top and bottom of the boards.

Like I said in yesterday's post...Eric is good at the precision stuff. I decided my job should be just to take pictures of this part. That and the big saw scares me.

I took a lot of pictures because Eric was pretty busy and I needed to look pretty busy too.

Here's another one of pre-drilling the holes.

I could have left a few pictures out, but then I wouldn't have looked so busy.

After they were measured, cut, and pre-drilled, Eric lined them up in just the right spot and screwed them into the post.

He used an upright board to set the rail on to get it in the right spot and to hold it. That hunk of board was more reliable than me.

I think that I suggested that we just leave the fence like it was and call it a split rail. Eric wasn't buying it.

He puts up with my anyway.

Checking his work...

...making sure everything is good and true....

Here, let me check.....that looks pretty good but that one board is bowing out.....

What? Let me see.....

....get back behind the camera woman, I'm putting in this screw.

He's wondering why he can't find any good help around here.

Line it up.....

Put in the screw....

....look out for your hand! Hang onto the post, it's safer.

Sheesh...I have to watch him every minute. It's a wonder that he could do it at all without my help!

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