Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Bit of Baseball

It's been a strange spring not spending every extra minute at a baseball field somewhere. The league that Billy is in now is so different from what we've gotten used to. This week he only had one game, and it was ended early because of lightening. I showed up after my softball game in time to see him bat and take a couple of picture.

The picture above is Billy on deck in the warm-up circle checking out what the pitcher has. Taking photos at night is a challenge, I won't use a flash to distract the kids, my ISO setting doesn't get very low with my camera, so I end up using a pretty slow shutter speed....which doesn't go well with sports. Not complainin', just explainin' why my pictures aren't as good as I'd like them to be! :-)

Billy had a long at bat, I don't know how many he fouled off before he got a hit. I was sitting near the bench when I heard one of the coaches say...."if you want to see a perfect batting stance, watch Billy". Nice for his mom to hear.

Then Billy stole 2nd. Then Billy stole 3rd. Then the coach said, "if you want to see how to steal a base, watch Billy". Again, nice for me to hear that, but I couldn't help but wonder what the kids thought. It's Billy this, Billy that, watch Billy, see Billy run...the coaches sound like those darned proud parents that don't know when to shut up about their wonderful never mind.

Billy was scheduled to pitch next. He threw a couple of warm up tosses when someone spotted lightening on the horizon.

They don't take chances with the lightening and the kids....which is good.....but bummer they couldn't get one more inning in.

A few innings a week isn't nearly enough for this baseball loving mom. For Billy either. Two games on Saturday, that's more like it. Let's hope the rain stays away.

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