Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Final Fence Post

The finished fence....South East corner. Ours is straight, the neighbors isn't.

This is the North East corner....and my un-planted perennials.

The back, or North side of the yard.

In between our side yard and the neighbors to the West.

The outside of the backside. :-)

The outside of the North West corner.

Pickets up close....4 screws each...just under 1600 screws.

The neighbors side. Isn't it pretty....I'm so glad that we went ahead and put in up.

The inside.

The gate. All that was left was the latch.

Eric was in charge of the latch.

It's sort of like the last piece of the puzzle. Anyone that puts the last piece in gets to say they finished the whole puzzle. Eric used to steal one piece from the puzzle and hide it, just so he could be the one to "finish" the puzzle.

I married him anyway. Almost a month to the day, the latch is in place....

....and the fence is done. Here is the fence that Eric built....

......with a little help from his wife.

Looks great dear.....what do you want to tackle next?

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